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Nicki Minaj: Command-Ho?

Just when I was ready to stop talking about Tricki Fromaj, she demands our attention yet again with her petty verbal spitting about all things her and all things Mariah Carey. And far be it from me to deny this poptrick at least a few words of my time. Now she says that there is no bad blood between her and Carey and that a duet may be in their future.

Well, color me colored. Color me shocked. Color me not buying it! Here’s what she had to say on her E! special. You know, because E! is home to all the most important news in the world.

“I would do that,” Minaj  “I think people would be interested in seeing that.”
The cameras are following her for her upcoming album reissue of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but…hasn’t this album been re-released twice already? How many more times can we hear ‘Starships’ without throwing something at our television or DJ? I mean, seriously. Her music makes me want to slap MTV programmers with a borrowed Louboutin. And now she has her eyes set on the big screen. As if her head could fit on a screen that large.

She’s also ready for some acting. “I want to do something like a small action movie,” she said.

Dear Nicky, Pam Grier you are not!! I suspect an open letter from me is coming your way!
Stay tuned!

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