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Katy and Russell: Together, Forever

In building only!

The recent divorcees from one another turned up at one of the biggest arenas in the world recently, and apparently, their skinny jeans and tons of MAC can indeed fit in the same space. The two were spotted on opposite sides of the Staples Center on Tuesday, marking the first time they’ve shared oxygen since they parted ways earlier this year. No one is certain yet if the two even realized they were in the same place, but in the days of Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, what are the odds?

Not that I even cared when these two were together, but now that they are apart, I wish Brand would have taken half of Katy’s money when they divorced. Because you know she would have definitely taken half of his if he had been the breadwinner. And if anyone cares…

The Lakers lost to the Dallas Mavericks.

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