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Tom Cruise…Cruised

If this man came to your house late in the wee hours of the morning, would you turn him away? I thought not!

Move over, John Travolta! It looks like a fellow Scientologist is getting some male traction of his own.


Over the weekend, a man was caught on TommyGirl’s property and after a bit of back and forth action (by the cops, not Tom, who was allegedly not home), he was apprehended by the police. But this was not just any intruder. This was Jason Sullivan, an Australian hunk/reality star.
Now this is where the plot trickens.


Sullivan is reportedly staying in the home of Kevin Huvane, who is Cruise’s agent,  who just so happens to live right next door to the movie star. According to the statement by Sullivan, he got intoxicated and mistakenly tried to get into Tommy’s hole back door house thinking it was Huvane’s. If you are slightly confused, just read between the lines and then snort them.
Eventually, Jason drunkenly refused to leave Tom’s property and was tasered by the cops. While I consider this foreplay, others do not. The police arrested Sullivan for trespassing, but he was soon released. And although everyone knows Tommy will sue anyone for anything, his lawyer proclaims that no charges will be filed.
Mmmhmmm. Something in the milk ain’t clean!!!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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