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Shannen Doherty Is Not Knocked Up

It’s nice to see that Shannen Doherty still knows how to issue a verbal slap or two. The actress recently had to respond to rumors that she was pregnant after the paparazzi published photos of her looking slightly knocked up. Well, Shannen is not the one and she issued this statement in reference to her alleged baby bump.
I’m a size 2, not sporting a baby bump. That’s simply the hamburger I wolfed down 2 minutes prior.”

Let’s read between the lines and snort it, shall we? Not only is Shannen telling us that she’s not pregnant. But she is telling us that she is not pregnant and thin. We stand corrected!

I don’t know about you all, but I am sad that Doherty is not knocked up. When you have such prowess as a bitch, I consider it a sin and a shame to let talent like that skip a generation. So Shannen needs to do the world a favor and get that hole a NO VACANCY sign stat!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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