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Dana Wilkey calls Brandi Glanville a Slut!

In totally unsurprising news, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dana Wilkey had some choice words for her co-star Brandi Glanville when she told RadarOnline exclusively that “she’s a slut.”

As you know, Brandi is at the center of a sex scandal, with a show insider revealing that she was caught by her friends “having sex in the bathroom during Kyle Richards’ infamous White Party!”

And, in true Housewife fashion, when asked about this alleged indiscretion by Brandi, Dana let RadarOnline know just what she thought.

“She’s a slut, obviously.”

“I wasn’t in the bathroom with her while she was having sex, thank God, that sounds really gross.”

Yes, yes. gross. Totes gross.

But the slamming didn’t stop there. Dana’s boyfriend Philip Marley chimed in “Randy Brandi!” and Dana continued saying, “Sounds like her dates have taken a step up!”

“Slutty and stupid? Doesn’t that sum it up? Kind of fits the profile, right?”

Check out the video of Dana talking all about Brandi and her sluttiness HERE at RadarOnline.

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