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Lisa Lampanelli Talks Weight Loss on Bethenny

The always hilarious Lisa Lampanelli stopped by Bethenny Frankel’s talk show and opened up about her recent surgery and weight loss (of over 50 lbs!)! Read what she had to say below!

On her weight loss….

Lisa: So we both got an operation. It’s an operation. It’s called the gastric sleeve which means basically it’s pretty non-invasive. It’s not a lot of re-wiring. They basically go in laparoscopically and remove 85% of your stomach, which trust me ours was like this big (holds out her arms).

Bethenny: I’ve never heard of a couple doing that together. That’s so interesting.

Lisa: Well, why note. You know what I mean? We both want to live longer. So as of yesterday, in ten weeks I lost 52 lbs.

Bethenny: Congratulations! And, how much weight has he lost?

Lisa: This is what kills me. You know how men always lose weight faster than women. Jimmy did this two and a half weeks ago and lost 36 lbs.

Bethenny: Oh, he did it after you. He let you go and be the guinea pig first.

Lisa: Well, Jimmy said, I’m gonna do it if you don’t die on the table. Which is loving…

On the Biggest Change….

Bethenny: What’s the biggest change? Has your sex life changed?

Lisa: I can get closer to Jimmy now that the stomachs gone down. That’s very nice.

Bethenny: Emotionally, the way that you feel when you’re intimate with someone. You feel more secure, now?

Lisa: Yeah. And I tell you I just feel my emotions more. If you’re not stuffing your emotions with food you have no choice but to cry at everything, or yell or laugh, or whatever. I think it makes you more of your authentic self. So I just feel like everything is feeding into making me a more authentic person.

Bethenny: You’re happy. I’m so happy for you.

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Watch the sneak peek clip below! Enjoy!

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