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Kris Jenner Talks Birth Control, Kourtney and Scott and her Favorite Daughter Kim

Talk show host Bethenny Frankel chats with KRIS JENNER, mother of the famous Kardashian clan, on Monday, June 25th. Kris opens up about letting her daughters go on birth control, keeping close tabs on Kendall and Kylie, and clears up rumors about Kourtney and Scott breaking up. Plus, Kris gives her take on Kim’s love life and addresses the $750,000 car that Kim allegedly bought Kanye West! In other words, she is just trying to keep her daughters in the spotlight. Check out the highlights below.


Bethenny: So this week, Kim talked about the fact that she was on birth control at 14.

Kris: 15

Bethenny: Oh, at 15. OK. And are you doing the same thing…with your other two daughters Kendall and Kylie?

Kris: Here’s the thing. Here’s my philosophy. Kendall and Kylie are my little ones. When my girls were growing up and Kourtney is now 32 and Kim is 31 and so forth…when my older ones were growing up and Kim came to me and you know, was very honestwith me and said Mommy I think I’m feeling, you know, sexual and this and that. I’m thinking oh God, here we go.

Bethenny: The last thing you need is more…

Kris: Yeah, I have five daughters. You know, it’s like what am I going to do? So you want to protect your kids. What I did as a parent with all my girls. When I felt like it was that time in their life that they were going to that step…

Bethenny: It was different ages for all of them?

Kris: All different ages. I drive as fast as I could to the gynecologist’s office. I said to the doctor, Dr. Paul Crane is my doctor. He’s delivered all of my children and he’s delivered Mason and he’s going to deliver my granddaughter any day. So I trust him with everything inside. And so I said to him, she’s all yours. You can go in the office and have the little doctor patient talk. It was like her first time there and I said you guys got to work this out. I don’t need to know as long as you got it under control Paul Crane….

Bethenny: So your concern was pregnancy? Did you try and talk her out of it?

Kris: No…just all the different things. Well you can try and talk your kids out of it, but of course I had every which way talk, upside down and I did circus acts for her and said this is what you should do. But, the truth is unless you lock your child in the closet and throw the key away, they’re going to do what they feel. I can’t be with her and shadow her every single second. So my philosophy has also been make sure your kids are healthy, well taken care of and educated…


Bethenny: How do you keep an eye on them? How do you know what they are doing? I mean it’s LA and they’re in the public eye also. They have some much going on. How do you even know what they are doing?

Kris: I have Google alerts.

Bethenny: And have you really found out [where they are]?

Kris: Yeah, are you kidding? I get Google alerts several times a day and it’s so hysterical because I’ll go that’s where my children are, really…They’ll come home and go oh we were at so and so’s house. Well, no you weren’t. You were in Malibu at Nobu because I saw you…


Bethenny: It’s always Kourtney and Scott, that they’re not really even together. That they’re breaking up. And during the break, we were talking about it and you’re telling me they’re fine.

Kris: Kourtney and Scott are so together. They’re always together. They have always been together. They’re very, very happy. She’s the one who really doesn’t want to get married. But they’re really cute. I was telling Bethenny that when Koutney’s out of town, he’s at my house every night for dinner. You know what I’m like, he’s never going to go home.


Bethenny: There are rumors that Kim bought Kanye a $750,000 Lamborghini? She’s too smart with her money. Did she buy him a $750,000 Lamborghini?

Kris: Well, she bought him a very beautiful gift, but I don’t have any idea how much it cost.

Bethenny: She did, wow. Well he better be worth it!

Kris: I should have been nicer to Kim. I’m going to start being really nice to her.


Bethenny: If she decided she wanted to get married again, would you be all for it? It’s her life? Or would you be really kind of intervening?

Kris: You know what, with Kim, she falls in love really hard. She’s a hopeless romantic. And I tell all of my children, follow your heart. You know, follow your heart. Dowhat you feel and what you want. What you think is the right thing to do, but follow your heart. Be happy.

Bethenny: It is true. She felt that it was wrong and it was wrong. And when it’s right, it’s right. It’s true. Most women just know in their gut…

Kris: She’s really good with her intuition…Well, she hasn’t been so right lately. But, I think this one, she’s right about.

Bethenny: Listen, we all make mistakes.

Kris: What’s a measly little 72 days?

Danity Donnaly is a Midwestern mama with class, sass and a love for celebrity gossip. D is a former disc jockey and is a fierce dancer who looks forward to that morning cup of coffee. When she’s not delivering the dish, Danity can be found on Twitter talking smack or shaking her bon bon to any jam by Justin Timberlake or attempting to sing one of her favorite Mariah Carey songs without breaking a window. Yep, she’s THAT good!

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