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Punk Rave: Your Brand For A More Mature Punk Look


Punk and gothic—these are two fashion styles that go against the laws of the trendy look. In fact, it is considered to be the rebellious brand of fashion. Because of this, many women shy away from wearing punk-related accessories and clothes for the fear that they will be called weirdos or outcasts.

If you have gone through the punk phase when you were a teenager but you still have that punk goddess spirit inside of you, you will surely be afraid to unleash it when you enter your 30’s or 40’s. For your information, there is no sense in stopping yourself from showing people who you really are. Lucky for you, fashion can help you do that. If you wish to let your inner goth show through (but in a much mature manner), here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Go all-black.
Of course, black is the gothic’s favorite color so it just makes sense to wear black if you want to pull off this look. To make the outfit look more dramatic, do not stick to just one piece of black clothing—go all out! Wear an all-black outfit but be careful in choosing the clothes that you will wear as there is a high tendency that you will overdo the entire look. To avoid that from happening, try to wear a black top and pair it with black pencil skirt. This ensemble will make you look punk but the feminine touch of the sexy cut of the skirt will balance it out. If you plan on going to a date, you can try wearing pointed black pumps. If you are going to work or to the bar, do not be afraid to pair it with black ankle boots.

• Pair it with prints.

Sometimes, wearing an all black outfit can be an overkill. For those days when you wish to tame down your punk look, you can try pairing a black piece of clothing with printed tops like florals. Just make sure that the background of the prints is the color black to make the look more cohesive.

• Add some color.
If you wish to make your punk-inspired clothes look more wearable, you can soften your look by adding some color into it. If you are already wearing a black jacket and black pants, try to go for a top in contrasting bright colors like blue, red, white or grey.

Today, the fashion industry is starting to embrace the gothic and punk look. Because of this, many fashion designers have started to create collections that are perfect for people who wish to still pull of the punk look but in a much more mature manner and Punk Rave is one of those labels that will provide you all the clothes that you need.


About Punk Rave
Joey is the woman behind Punk Rave of Stylewe. After graduating from KOOKJE Design Institute, she became interested about the Punk style and trend and she began DIY-ing some clothes and accessories. With the aim of getting better at designing and creating clothes, she decided to go to Korea to study about fashion design. The clothes that she creates is a combination of punk, gothic and elegant style. She is best at turning everyday clothes look more edgy and innovative.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Super Cool SuperME Backpacks For The Little Ones


Mysteries of Laura, which airs on NBC starring Debra Messing (“Will & Grace”) as Laura Diamond, a brilliant NYPD homicide detective who balances her “Columbo” day job with a crazy family life that includes two unruly twin boys and a soon-to-be ex-husband – also a cop – who just can’t seem to sign the divorce papers features SuperME! backpacks in several scenes of the new hit show. To view the entire SuperME! Collection, please visit www.supermehero.com.


SuperME! is a collection of personalized superhero-inspired products that combine functionality and fun and embrace the inner personality, unique skillset and boundless talent of kids all over the map! Every item in the SuperME! collection comes with Velcro patches which can be PERSONALIZED with your child’s name or to reflect your child’s ever changing interest (baseball, ballet, snowboarding, cars, etc). The SuperME collection consists of hooded & cape backpacks, luggage, cape-n-nap travel blankets/ pillows and lunchboxes. All SuperME items also come complete with a mask allowing your lil’ one to truly embrace the hero within.
SuperME! donates a portion of its proceeds to support PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and encourages children to be proud of who they are and accepting of others.

These are sooo adorable and so unique and would make a great gift for thje little superhero in your life!


Meredith Vieira Covers More Magazine: Opens Up About Why She Finally Agreed to Host Her Own Talk Show, How She Escaped an Abusive Relationship, and Why She’s Not Afraid of Oversharing

From 60 Minutes to The View to Today, Meredith Vieira’s television career has been legendary, and she’s not stopping anytime soon. Now, as the host of her own talk show, The Meredith Vieira Show, she’s reinventing herself and letting it all hang out. In the December/January issue of More magazine, on newsstands Nov. 25, Vieira reflects on her career and opens up about taking risks, trusting her gut, and overcoming setbacks both personally (from escaping domestic violence to her brother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s) and professionally.

Via More:

On taking risks and doing The Meredith Vieira Show her own way:
“This is kind of the last thing I haven’t done. Getting too complacent can be dangerous. I always say to my kids, ‘You’ve got to take a chance’—even though I’m usually the last to do it.”

On the challenges of running her own talk show:
“It’s not like when I was with the other ladies of The View or the Today show team. You can’t let your energy drop. So even if you’re not feeling it, you gotta bring it.”

On knowing when to say no:
“For me, it has been about trusting my gut. We second-guess ourselves so much. We constantly see the brass ring, and it’s so enticing, but it’s dangerous. That constant grasping can lead to doing things that might go against your values.”

On staying in a physically abusive relationship in her early twenties:
“Back then, you didn’t hear about domestic violence. I didn’t think about shelters or a hotline. I loved this guy. So for the longest time I said, ‘Well, that happened, but it’s never gonna happen again.’”

Vieira finally broke away by accepting a new job in another city: “I saw my opportunity and took it.” But she never told her family about the abuse, even afterward, because “It would have broken my mother’s heart.”

On her surprising habit of oversharing on The View:
“I’ve always been a pretty open book, for better or worse. I would say the craziest things, and people would look at me like, ‘Oh my God, what are you talking about? I’d be screaming out, ‘I don’t wear underwear!’ It was like something was the matter with me. But I liked it. It was really, really fun.”

On not wearing underwear:
“I always thought, Why bother? If it’s pantyhose, it’s built in. And in the summer I wear leotards.”

On connecting with fans at Today:
“I love the plaza! Matt would say, ‘You need to go into a vat of Purell,’ because I’d hug everyone. That’s just who I am.”

On her relationship with Today co-anchor Matt Lauer:
“We were like an older sister and younger brother. It was like, ‘F you, a-hole’ or ‘You’re a loser.’ It was teasing.”

Al Roker on Vieira’s work ethic:
“With Meredith, what you see is what you get. She makes things look easy, and we all know that’s the mark of somebody who works hard.”

Scott Foley Talks About His Shirtless Scenes In Redbook’s December/January Issue


Redbook features an interview with Scott Foley where the handsome actor talks about whether he thinks Scandal stuff happens in the White House, being a dad and taking his shirt off for the camera. Ow, ow! Check out the highlights below.

Scott Foley on whether he thinks Scandal-esque stuff really goes on at the White House:
“Oh God, I hope so. Obviously, we’re adding an inordinate amount of drama to somewhat realistic situations, but I think there are secret meetings and possibly organizations that no one knows about doing things that can’t be done in the public eye.”

On feeling like an old pro when it comes to being a dad (he and his wife are expecting baby number three):
“We all learn and make it up as we go along. I’ve gotten more patient and less selfish. The other day, my daughter woke up at 5:30AM on a weekend and was like, “Dad, I want some milk.” So I got out of bed, warmed some milk in the microwave, and thought ‘I’m a good father – even though I’ve got my kid in front of the TV.’ It’s a job that never stops. I haven’t slept in years.”

On how he’s gotten better looking with age:
“I have no idea, but thank you! When Shonda Rhimes tells you to take your shirt off and 12 million people are going to see it Thursday night, you’re going to lose a little weight, so that’ll do it. I’ve always thought that 45 to 55 is a great time for guys: Your body has filled out. Your face doesn’t look old, but you’re weathered enough to look like you know what you’re talking about.”

On always being cast as ‘the other guy’:
“I think in reality you never want to be the other guy; but as an actor, a love triangle is instant drama, and it’s fantastic.”

Via Redbook

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Talks Show’s Success, Zombies And More In Women’s Health Mag’s December Issue


Lauren Cohan’s interview with Women’s Health is out now! Cohan opens up about playing a zombie, her holiday traditions, and what keeps her grounded. To check out the full interview, the December issue of Women’s Health is available on nationwide newsstands now.

On if she anticipated the success of the Walking Dead:
I didn’t really have time to think about whether I thought it was going to be big, I was just so happy with the show and being on the show and the people that I work with. It’s funny you sort of come out of our little vacuum of filming and you realize how popular it is. It’s popularity makes since to be because it’s such a loving environment and I would hope that would perpetuate in the world, in life. But no, I never anticipated it being that big.

On how she likes filming and living in Georgia:
I love Georgia. It’s funny because I’m here more than I am anywhere else, so I don’t have a house anywhere else. It’s difficult being away from my friends and family, but Georgia has definitely become another home because I know have so many people that I know here. I like it. Everything that I like doing, which is antiquing, hiking and exercising and relaxing you can do that in Atlanta too. I am definitely a creature of change. I love new experiences. I love adapting to a new environment. It’s great for me to be in California for a big and when I tire of all the things that L.A. can be, which everybody does, then I can go to London and just see theatre and enjoy the rain and the fog. But that’s actually what I really like about Atlanta; it’s got something very English about it. It’s got such old architecture and there’s trees and the weather – especially today the weather just started getting foggy. You get to wake up in the morning and sit on the balcony, have a cup of coffee, and just feel. It’s got a richness to it. There’s nowhere else like England though.

On if she thought she’d play a zombie:
I never really thought that I’d end up doing supernatural genres. I’ve always gravitated to supernatural things and I enjoy it, but when I started acting I enjoyed comedy and that’s what I thought I’d end up doing – just action, screwball comedy is what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s fun to do something like Walking Dead and now I have all the time in the world to do all of the other things. This has been such a rare experiences and such a special experience. I mean I want to do everything. Literally I want to do musicals, play a jazz singer, I want to somehow emulate Kevin Kline and Tilda Swinton.

On the actor she admires most:
Tilda Swinton I’ve always just thought is so brave and so inspiring – trailblazing. She doesn’t follow any rules and it doesn’t seem that she adheres to anything in life but what her heart and soul tell her to do. I think that’s just always what I’d like to check in with every day — that that’s how I’m conducting myself and conducting my life.

On what people might be surprised to learn about her:
People are generally not surprised by reading and walking and I really like reading and walking! The things that make me the happiest are just standing around a piano. That’s one thing I like about Georgia, I feel like I’ve met a lot of people with really old-fashioned hobbies. I go to a gospel church here – I actually go to a lot of different churches here just to sin. It’s been such a great experience in the south. Basically anything that involves piano, singing, jazz, reading. I could be in 1800 and be really happy.

Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan 1 WH Dec 2014

On filming The Walking Dead:
I feel like the show has given me fear! We have dealt with things every single day on this show that make the rest of life seem really, really calm and I think going through a processing that gives me a real appreciation for when things are normal. I’ve always been a fan of old fashioned things and something about the Walking Dead, even as we progress further and further into the show, it becomes a period drama because where it comes to clothes fashion and even weaponry, we have to have a cut off of 3 years ago. We’re shooting a period drama that’s locked in a very recent but specific time.

On her Christmas traditions:
I have a really colorful family, and I don’t go back to England every year but I’m going back this Christmas and my grandfather is coming from Spain. Christmas for us has always been very musical…and like everybody very food orientated. Christmas for us has always been a glass of champagne with our stocking and that’s the only drinking that I do on Christmas Day because I’m such a lightweight. My youngest brother since he was 14 has been an amazing chef so he always cooks us pig-in-a-blanket from scratch. My grandfather plays the piano so we just kind of spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day playing music, playing board games. Heads Up is our new obsession. It actually used to be the parlor game where everybody puts their names and put them in a hat. My granddad never gets these games, so if we play something like charades, he will say, ‘Rhymes with Ichael Ackson,’ and you’re like, ‘Michael Jackson?” that’s not how you play that. Half my family lives in America and half my family lives in Europe so each alternating year is nice to get that sacred time where you know you won’t get any work pressure. Just like everybody.

On how she stays grounded:
Georgia heat and zombies help that.

On how she stays fit:
I try to follow the 10,000 steps which is not difficult if I’m busy working, and Pilates, and ballet, and dancing. Anything that I have fun doing. For me staying healthy is so often just about me being happy and a workout that makes me happy. Staying invigorated trying new things. If it’s outdoors or it’s dancing, I’m set.


Photo Credit: Tom Schirmacher/Women’s Health

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Get Cozy In London Fog

Here is some cuteness I just can’t handle!

London Fog’s holiday campaign features Emmy award-winning actor, Neil Patrick Harris, and his husband, actor and chef David Burtka. The campaign, shot in New York City, marks the first time that Harris and Burtka have appeared together in a fashion campaign.

For the ads, the handsome duo is captured in a series of timeless, classic portraits wearing tailored pieces from London Fog’s signature outerwear collection. The twosome looks ever the newlyweds in the shots, with Harris resting his head on Burtka’s shoulder.

Aren’t they so adorable?!!!!

Victoria’s Secret Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio Show Off Two Million Dollar Bras

Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio showed off this season’s ultimate holiday fantasy: The Dream Angels Fantasy Bras designed exclusively for Victoria’s Secret by Mouawad at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Mall.

Valued at $2 million each, the Dream Angels Fantasy Bras include accompanying body pieces of fine gemstones. Inspired by the Dream Angels Demi silhouette, these bras are handset with rubies, diamonds, blue and light blue sapphires strung together with 18K gold. Each bra is adorned with over 16,000 of the precious gems.
This is the first time two Victoria’s Secret Angels have been chosen to wear the coveted Fantasy Bras. Adriana and Alessandra will wear The Dream Angels Fantasy Bras on the runway at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, airing Tuesday, December 9th at 10pmEST/9PM CST on the CBS Television Network.

As usual, I am sure there will be millions of people watching.

Drew Barrymore Explains That Subway Photo, Talks Beauty and More

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything about actress Drew Barrymore. But, here she is, peeps! Alive and well.

Earlier this week, Drew Barrymore shared a photo of herself touching up her nail polish on the New York City train. She has since shared with Beautified’s new blog The Insider the story behind the photo, #commuterbeauty as well as the products she can’t live without and the scent she’s obsessed with.

Check out the highlights below:

On #commuterbeauty
I got this hashtag going called #commuterbeauty. I don’t remember the last time I sat down and did my makeup. And if you’re going to do your makeup at a stoplight, make sure that it just came from yellow. Don’t go to the stoplight and go, “Hmm, I wonder how long it’s been red. I should start.”

On the product she can’t live without
Aquaphor. I get nervous when I don’t have my Aquaphor. I feel like my lips are going to shrivel and go away in a burning fire.

On the scent she’s obsessed with
Ambergris. [While developing my fragrances] I became voracious. I kept grabbing it and smelling it like a little piglet. I was like, “What is this?” And ambergris is whale vomit. It’s the most potent, amazing, knee-buckling scent, and it’s in some of the best perfumes out there.

Beyoncé Will Partner with Topshop for Athletic Streetwear Brand

Queen Bey just won’t stop! It has been announced that Beyoncé has partnered with London-based Topshop to form a joint company, Parkwood Topshop Athletic LTD. With this new partnership, a new athletic streetwear brand will be created, and could be launced in stores and online by fall 2015!

“This [is] not a collaboration. This is about building a brand and building a business — a separate, proper business, with separate overhead and a separate office,” Topshop owner Sir Philip Green told WWD in an interview. “Basically, when she was in London in February we arranged to get together. We started talking generally, about doing something together. We’ve been looking at that [athletic] sector for a while. It’s something we need to be in. Based on what she does, how she works out, the conversation got into that category. We started getting into proper conversation in May or June, as to how it would work. It took six or eight weeks to put a deal together. On Friday, Beyoncé came to our office for the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.”

The collection will have clothing, footwear and accessories for dance, fitness and sports. It will be distributed to all Topshop stores and Topshop.com, but also other retailers such as Nordstrom hopefully. Topshop currently has 330 stores in the UK, and almost 500 worldwide. The fashion brand will open a store in New York on Nov. 5, opposite Saks Fifth Avenue. With 40,000 square feet, and four levels, this will be Topshop’s largest US store, and second-largest store in the world!

This is a great look for Beyoncé! I can’t wait to see what she comes out with in this new venture!

Model Stephanie Seymour Loves Being A Muse

T&C Nov Cover - Stephanie Seymour

Model and actress Stephanie Seymour covers the November issue of Town & Country, on stands October 14th. The magazine’s Art Issue is all about modern muses, and how Stephanie Seymour became a modern-day Mona Lisa during the span of her storied career. Since 1995, she has been married to Peter Brant, a long-time art collector and founder of The Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, CT.

Seymour calls Trophy Wife (a painting of Seymour conceptualized by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan) “a very beautiful work of art,” and says it’s “an honor to be a muse to a wonderful artist like Maurizio Cattelan.” She describes the experience of being painted as feeling as if the artist “is looking into your soul”—especially “when sitting with Julian Schnabel.”

To read more about the rise of the “muse” throughout art history, and how various women have inspired artists like Julian Schnabel and Francesco Clemente through the years, read the full cover story on T&C’s website HERE.

Naomi Watts Covers More Magazine October Issue: Opens Up About Her Fears, Being a Bit Reckless & How Motherhood Has Changed Her

Two-time Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts is known for taking big career risks and accepting challenging roles—from her intensely emotional character in 21 Grams to Diana, the Princess of Wales, in Diana. Now she’s making a foray into comedy with two new films, St. Vincent and Birdman, both out this month. In the October issue of More magazine, on newsstands Sept. 23, Watts opens up about the rewards of being reckless— onscreen and in real life.

Check out the highlights below:

On working with comic genius Bill Murray for her upcoming film St. Vincent, where she plays a pregnant Russian stripper: “I’d bust into Bill’s trailer and say [she adopts a thick Russian accent], ‘I need a drink! Gif me a drink!’ I had to stick with that character because otherwise my fear of being not worthy would take over.”

On playing Diana, Princess of Wales: “We all know I’m not five ten or have any resembling features of hers except blue eyes, and I don’t speak like her. It was going to be hard. People knew her too well or felt like they owned her. I was up against that.”

Falling hard for Liev Schreiber and how their parenting styles complement each other: “We both wanted the same thing. A family. Liev has a lot more courage than me. He’s always saying, ‘Let the kids do it. Take the training wheels off!’ My bit of fear balances him, and he balances my fear.”

On how motherhood has changed her: “I’ve skydived. I went swimming with sharks that weren’t in cages. I went on safari, where you’re sitting with lions just five feet from you. And I was photographed [by Condé Nast Traveler] for King Kong standing on a gargoyle near the top of the Chrysler Building in New York City. I had a harness and a rope, but if you fall, you’re hanging [61 floors up]! But now that I have kids, I don’t want to do so many daredevily things anymore.”

What Naomi would do more of if she could start over: “Have a bigger family. I should have had more kids, started younger.”

On moving to Hollywood at 25 and being a bit reckless: “It was a gigantic risk, but thankfully, I was young and naïve enough to just do it. As you get older, you overthink and can talk yourself out of anything. It’s good to be a bit reckless and experimental.”

On being labeled a risk taker: “People think of me as this risk taker, but I don’t always feel like a person who’s full of courage. Maybe in the workplace I have more courage than other areas of my life.”

David Beckham Visits Flagship Breitling Boutique New York Looking Hot As Usual

Breitling Team with David Beckham in New York Boutique

David Beckham, the world’s most stylish was the guest of honor at an intimate cocktail party at Breitling’s flagship boutique in New York. Beckham joined special guests for an exceptional evening, which included perusing exclusive pieces from both the Breitling for Bentley and Breitling collections as well as exploring Breitling’s impressive flagship boutique.

Yep, he’s still hot. Still impressing me, yo.

David Beckham and Thierry Prissert in Breitling Boutique New York

J. Lo Brought Her Booty, Bieber Shows His Undies And J-Hud Shows Off Her Gams At Fashion Rocks (Photos)


Bethany Mota Talks YouTube Success for Seventeen

Seventeen magazine is going to be the first major women’s magazine to dedicate an issue to big stars on YouTube, including beauty and fashion YouTuber Bethany MotaBethany has been a huge success with her own channel dedicated to beauty, fashion and DIY tutorials, gaining over 7 million subscribers! Soon the YouTuber will also be featured on Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars as well. 

Featured on the cover of the mag, Bethany talked about her success story and her hope for other girls in the world. Check out some of the highlights below!

How being bullied inspired Bethany  to start filming beauty videos when she was 13:
“It was so cool seeing girls being positive and spreading happiness. At first, I made beauty videos that were like everyone else’s –- I’d try to act perfect. But then I realized it might be more fun if I was just myself. So I showed my silly side and kept in the bloopers. I liked those videos way more, and people appreciated that realness.”

What it’s been like to grow up on YouTube:
“I think it’s taught me to be a lot more self-motivated and has taught me how to encourage myself and not rely on a teacher or a boss telling me what to do. I’m my own boss. My biggest thing to overcome has been not being afraid to be different. It’s safer to do what everyone else is doing, but it pays off way more to be yourself.”

Her advice for other girls who are trying to find their place in the world:
“You have to be your own motivator! A lot of teens say they’re bored. Before I got on YouTube, I’d say the same thing. But there is always something you can be doing. If YouTube isn’t your thing, maybe it’s a sport or something else you’re good at. There’s always something you can be the best at –- you just have to look for it.”

You can check out Seventeen.com for more! I’ve checked out some of Bethany’s work, and she’s a very charismatic and real young woman who is making an impact doing what she loves. Go her!

Image via Seventeen

CELEB SPOTTING: Alessandra Ambrosio & Son Getting In Some Pool Playtime


Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was hanging out with her little cutie Noah Mazur in the pool who wearing in Platypus Australia’s surfer-styled sunshirt HERE for just $36.95.

s Baby Kids Sunshirt

By dressing her little dude in Platypus Australia’s Baby Kids Sunshirt, Alessandra proved she’s got beauty and brains. Platypus Australia is the leading UV children’s swimwear brand, offering a variety of stylish sun protective swimwear pieces for babies, girls, and boys, and blocks 97.5% of the sun harmful rays, allowing the kiddos to play sun and in the water all day, all while keeping their sensitive skin safe!

Gotta keep that skin safe while out in the sun.