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REPORT: Emily Goodhand Is Dean McDermott’s Mistress Who Is Ruining Tori Spelling’s Marriage!


US Weekly is reporting that Dean McDermott’s mistress Emily Goodhand is coming out loud and well…not so proud. Allegedly there is a big time crack in the marriage of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling and after an alcohol infused evening, Dean could be in big trouble.

Emily Goodhand is now saying that she slept with McDermott in Toronto, Canada on December 6th.

She told the magazine, “He was romantic and very complimentary. He was telling me, “You’re so beautiful”. And he told me he and Tori had a sexless marriage. I believed him.”

According to Us Weekly,

“She and a group of friends met up at Pravda Vodka House in the Canadian city, where Dean was on a promotional tour for his hosting job on the show Chopped Canada. Emily was a friend of a friend and the two were introduced. Her occupation was not disclosed. The father invited the beauty back to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel where they had sex. He seemed like a cool guy,’ Emily said. ‘I thought he was handsome.’ They became friendly over an eight hour meal at Pravda, sitting side by side. ‘We were just having fun and hanging out,’ Emily added.
When heading toward the bar at his hotel, ‘he was flirting,’ she added, and she explained she was attracted to him because his personality was ‘very charming.’ The 5’8” looker explained she felt she could ‘trust’ him because he opened up to her and was ‘talking about his kids and his work.’

After slyly leaving with friends and making it seem as if she was going home, Emily instead went to Dean’s hotel room. At first he wasn’t there but then she texted him and he showed up within seconds. ‘He wanted to make me feel good,’ she explained after he flooded her with compliments. ‘Then the time for talking was over.’ Emily, who insisted they used protection during their encounter, said Dean gushed about his famous wife. ‘He said, “I love my wife, I love her so much. But she won’t sleep with me,”‘ Emily recounted.

She then said she had to go home to get a good night’s sleep and he asked that they ‘cuddle’ first. The next day both worked but texted each other. She told him her legs hurt. The next evening – December 7 – she visited the TV star again at the Fairmont Hotel, but this time he had a male pal there. And instead of taking off his clothes, he took out his computer where he showed off photos of Tori and the kids. At one point he even bragged about the sex tape he made with his author spouse.

Let’s just say Emily didn’t want anything to do with that tape. She absolutely did not want to see the tape. It was at 3am that the couple shared a club sandwich and fries and then fell asleep…no hanky panky…just cuddling. Ahem.

And apparently Goodhand felt as if she and Dean had a definite spark going. She told the magazine, “It felt cool that I had this connection. Neither one of us said anything about seeing each other again. It was, “Nice to meet you. Crazy that there was this chemistry. I had a great time.”

Even though they had fun, got a little crazy and did the deed, Emily Goodhand is saying that she is feeling some remorse for giving into Dean’s charm. She said, “I f***ed up.”

Well I can guarantee you that once Tori Spelling finds out about this Dean McDermott’s balls are going to be severed or pretty damn close!

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Is REAL


Kim Kardashian’s post baby bikini body graces the cover of this week’s US Weekly, “Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Kim at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast where she updated Terri on her weight loss, baby North, and her wedding plans.

Via our friends at Extra:

Kim had not seen the pics of her in a white triangle two-piece on the beach in Miami until “Extra” showed her the photo. Kim saying she and some friends were on the beach and ran back inside when they saw the paparazzi, “I have about 10 (pounds) to go.”

Kim saying six weeks after she had baby Nori she started Atkins, “I‘m not a dieter, it’s so hard for me to change the way that I eat and I don’t do it now all the time, but it’s changed the way that I eat, so now I eat at night time, no carbs and I try to incorporate a lower carb diet than I did before and I try to work out five times a week.”

Kim loving being a mother saying her favorite time with Nori is in the mornings, “She’s laughing so hard now, just to see her little smile…My favorite time with her is morning time, I try to let her stay in her pj’s as long as possible.”

As far as whether she and Kanye will get married in 2014 at the Palace of Versailles, Kim saying nothing has been decided yet, “We keep on trying to have the conversation, but we haven’t had the time, we really don’t have a date or a location…Europe is not confirmed, we want some where far far away, but we don’t know where.”

In other words, Kim just wants to throw the big middle finger up and out at the world. Take that, critics. She’s skinny now.

Is Miley Cyrus Twerkin’ On The Biebs?

Selena Gomez, get yo’ gun!

The queen of cuntry pop is after your part-time man!

In a stunning move that shows someone is drinking their own Kool-Aid, newly crowded Maxim babe Miley Cyrus must think her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. And when we say boys, we mean borderline lesbians with just a pinch more testosterone.

This past weekend, two of the world’s biggest poptrix, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, possibly hooked up at Roosevelt Hotel. Insiders JBsay Miley was there first and that Justin came barging in later with his entourage. Patrons inside said the two were flirting and laughing together. Were they both possibly laughing at one another’s new haircuts? Who knows? What we do know is that they both left together around 2am. And anyone that lives in America knows that last call is prime trickin’ time. And in further evidence of foul play, Bieber’s Audi was spotted outside of Miley’s house on Saturday morning.

Walk of shame? More to this news than an innocent Scrabble game?

Let’s wait and see!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Monaco Welcomes Next Generation

Princess Grace is probably beaming down from heaven with this latest news in her lineage. She’s praying that her genes will be put to good use this time. Let’s also hope that common sense and tact does not skip a generation this time. It looks as if Princess Caroline, the daughter of the late princess, is about to be a grandmother.

Tatiana Santo Domingo, the fiance of Caroline’s oldest son Andrea Casiraghi, are expecting a child next year. Andrea has been named one of the world’s most eligible bachelors for years now, so tricks reading this can now cross his name off the list. Barring unforeseen circumstances, his card is now full.

“I am expecting a child. Yes, I am pregnant.”

Because it was not clear in that first sentence.
The couple are racing to ensure that yet another baby in the family won’t be a bastard, but that seems unlikely. They have announced 2013 for their wedding, but no news on whether it will be before or after her water breaks. Let’s hope this child gets the good genes in the family, because Grace’s genes have been whittled down to barely recognizable!

Joe Simpson Is Not a Gay!

And I would take the man at his word, but when I went to him for a statement, he had to release the peen from his mouth to even answer me. Now, in Hollywood, no one is completely anything, so if he claims to be straight on paper, then let him. If Tom Cruise and John Travolta can get away with undercover peenery, then so can Joe Simpson.

So says Joe Simpson.

Perhaps we should ask Peena Tina Simpson what the real deal is? Because according to reports, the reason why their marriage fell apart is because Pastor Joe was hitting the boys at the back of the pulpit while she prayed that his love of that hole would subside. Well, after siring two chirrenz with him (imagine what he had to go through for that) and 34 years of marital ignunce, she could not take it anymore and flew from the homosexual nest. No one has gone to her for her side of the story, and I want to know why?

Tina, come out, come out, wherever you are!

But knowing Joey, he’s probably just waiting for the right endorsement deal to come along before he comes out as a proud gay man.

Like I said before, Ryan Murphy needs to cast him on Glee…stat

Hulk Hogan’s Peen Is Pricey

So says The Hulkster. According to his lawsuit against Gawker Media, they have invaded his privacy and the wrestler is not taking it lying down. At least not this case. He has filed a lawsuit in court for $100 million bucks. He doesn’t stop there either. He claims they have invaded his privacy (didn’t MTV already do that?) and the 101 seconds of footage of him poppin’ his friend’s ex-wife’s poon is worth every penny. So he says. But what does Gawker Media say?

Hell to the naw!

Gawker Media claims the files were leaked (ha!) to them and that thus it became a subject of mainstream dissection (shudder), making it national news. I don’t know about you all, but if I want to see two pieces of bacon going at it, I will go to my frying pan and grab the Sizzle Lean and throw some eggs up in the skillet.

For the protein, of course!

I have not seen this tape, I do not want to see this tape, and I pray I don’t accidentally see it somewhere.

Shield my eyes, Lawd!!

Phillip Phillips’ Family: Show Us The Money!

For every star out there that is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for their family when they hit the jackpot, there are some that turn their backs (and wallets) to those that look like them. The details are not all there just yet, but according to reports surfacing now, the latest winner of American Idol is not trying to part with any of his hard-earned cash any time soon. Especially, if they resemble him.

Phillip Phillips (yeah, it hurts me to write it too, but I digress) was one of the favorites to win American Idol last season. I was not in agreement with that, but what do I know about talent and poise and good taste? Any-tweengirlsvotemorethanAmericansintheelection-way, he did win won a fat contract and never looked back. That included his own family.

Now, the family is being forced to sell their pawn shop so they won’t be singing in the streets any time soon. They’ve allegedly been asking him for money to bail them out, but he is not responding to them or reporters, and guess what?

He’s not talking to us either.

Silence is golden, isn’t it?

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Single Again!

I don’t know how many times I have written that sentence and I know in my cold dark heart of hearts that it will not be the last, considering his trick track record. The Nicholson of his generation in every way has ditched another model and although this one may not have as high a profile as some of the others, she got the same treatment. I give him credit for ditching Jizzelle Bundchen, though. And hey, if he can pull hot chicks without any hassles, why not?!

This time around, Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton, just got p*ssy pink-slipped, according to reports. My question has always been this: do these models get appearance fees to be seen with him or do they pay him to up their profiles to demand better runway gigs?

Whatever is arranged, they must love it, because they keep falling to their knees for him. We all know Blake Lively will get on her knees for a bit role in a Kleenex commercial (and you thought those napkins were just for your nose?!) and Gisele went and got knocked up by another man (with those non-hips I did not even think it was physically possible), so now here’s the scoop, girls. Dust off those Louboutins, get on those kneepads, and grab that box of Trojans (and Listerine – you know why!)
Leo is on the prowl!
Let your pussy power purr and your panty pudding pour!!

Team Spears Wins!

Sam Lufti can go creep back into the hole he came out of and look for a check elsewhere, because according to the law in Los Angeles, he won’t be getting any from Britney Spears, Lynne Spears, Jamie Spears, or anyone else with the last name Spears.

A judge has thrown out now just part of the lawsuit filed against the pop star by Sam Lufti, but all of it, claiming that the suit has no merit, is wasting tax payers money. Basically, his allegations of libel, breach of contract, et cetera…are bull. This is what Judge Suzanne Brugera had to say on the case:

“I really thought long and hard,” said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Brugera in announcing her decision, “so the motions are granted…as to all the defendants and all the causes of action. That is the right thing to do, so I am going to do it.”

Britney’s parents filed a motion this week to have his cases against them thrown out as well, claiming there was no legal contract in place and the issue of back salary from 2008 was a fabrication as well.

Whatevs… Britney is still one Scooby snack short of an asylum.

Katy and Russell: Together, Forever

In building only!

The recent divorcees from one another turned up at one of the biggest arenas in the world recently, and apparently, their skinny jeans and tons of MAC can indeed fit in the same space. The two were spotted on opposite sides of the Staples Center on Tuesday, marking the first time they’ve shared oxygen since they parted ways earlier this year. No one is certain yet if the two even realized they were in the same place, but in the days of Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, what are the odds?

Not that I even cared when these two were together, but now that they are apart, I wish Brand would have taken half of Katy’s money when they divorced. Because you know she would have definitely taken half of his if he had been the breadwinner. And if anyone cares…

The Lakers lost to the Dallas Mavericks.

Britney Spears’ Meth Lab?

What has Britney Spears cooked up in the past? Some say a hot career, others say a hot bod, and others say…

a crystal meth lab!

By some, I mean her ex-manager-lover-doormat Sam Lufti, who claims that in 2007, when Britney was ultra batshit crazy, she had crystal meth in her house. If this is true, that would explain away alot of her hoodrat behavior during that time period. But Britney Spears’ ex-nanny tells a different tale. She claims that not only is Sam Lufti a liar…he’s a lying ass liar!

Sam Lufti is claiming that Brit’s ex-nanny Leah Frand needs to shut up and go and claim her unemployment benefits because she has no idea what went on in that house, since she lasted only a week. But as we all know, a week at Brit’s house is like eons. Besides, Leah claims she worked for Britney for six months in 2007 and she never saw a trace of drugs.

Now that, I do not believe. Because if Britney wasn’t on drugs back in the day, then she should have been. She sure as hell is now!

Tom Cruise…Cruised

If this man came to your house late in the wee hours of the morning, would you turn him away? I thought not!

Move over, John Travolta! It looks like a fellow Scientologist is getting some male traction of his own.


Over the weekend, a man was caught on TommyGirl’s property and after a bit of back and forth action (by the cops, not Tom, who was allegedly not home), he was apprehended by the police. But this was not just any intruder. This was Jason Sullivan, an Australian hunk/reality star.
Now this is where the plot trickens.


Sullivan is reportedly staying in the home of Kevin Huvane, who is Cruise’s agent,  who just so happens to live right next door to the movie star. According to the statement by Sullivan, he got intoxicated and mistakenly tried to get into Tommy’s hole back door house thinking it was Huvane’s. If you are slightly confused, just read between the lines and then snort them.
Eventually, Jason drunkenly refused to leave Tom’s property and was tasered by the cops. While I consider this foreplay, others do not. The police arrested Sullivan for trespassing, but he was soon released. And although everyone knows Tommy will sue anyone for anything, his lawyer proclaims that no charges will be filed.
Mmmhmmm. Something in the milk ain’t clean!!!

Levi Johnston Weds Sunny Oglesby

One child may be a bastard, but Levi Johnston is not going 2 for 2, it seems. According to sources, the former boyfriend of Bristol Palin has made a legal connection with his new baby mama, Sunny Oglesby. The two got married in Alaska over the weekend.

Somewhere in Alaska, Sarah Palin is smiling. Probably as she stares out at Russia from her porch.

The couple exchanged vows with over 100 friends and family present. Who was missing from the ceremony? Levi’s son, Tripp. According to Sarah Palin, Levi owes back child support on Levi and this may or may not play a part in Tripp’s absence from his father’s marriage. Because as we all know, it is truly intelligent to pop out another child when you cannot afford the one you already have. Is that Republican?!

Levi and Sunny are the proud parents of a baby girl that Levi decided to name Breeze Beretta Johnston. For her sake, I hope she insists on people calling her BeBe. That’s until she is old enough to legally change her name!

Lil’ Wayne Hospitalized

I always cringe when I have to report on anything Lil’ Wayne, because his face reminds me of a bad Planet of the Apes remake and almost gives me a case of the dry heaves, but in the name of journalism, I must soldier on. So, with a bucket near my side and a sedative to calm me, here we go…

The tiny rapper was just on a private jet when he began suffering from symptoms similar to seizures. The jet made an emergency landing in Texas, where he was treated at a local hospital on Thursday. According to reports, the hip hop mogul was at the hospital for several hours before finally leaving at around 6pm. There is no word yet on what his exact diagnosis is, but he is now doing better.

Now when I first read this, I thought the little one was probably higher than the private jet he was on and that was the reason why the plane had to make an emergency landing. But can you really blame me after the past few weeks of rappers filing for bankruptcy, getting busted for drugs, beating their women. This is a change of pace and we wish the Ewok a full recovery!

Lindsay Lohan’s Publicist: I QUIT!

Obviously, the above photo was taken during  a bong session happier times.

I, for one, had no idea that Lohan even had a publicist on her payroll. I figured Mama Dina just screamed every latest happening of all things Lohan from her Long Island terrace, as the paparazzi waited on the sidewalks in hopes that she would fall over from inebriation. Well, as it turns out, Lindsay does indeed have one. Make that had.
Steve Honig has quit that bich!

The reasons why? According to well placed sources, there was growing tension between Honig and Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father.

Quelle surprise.

According to the Michael Lohan camp, the two began quarreling regarding Lindsay’s disastrous intervention attempt. After two years of dealing with Lindsay’s shenanigans, Honig came to his senses, dusted the coke-angel-crack dust from his three-piece suit and turned in his resignation. If Lohan is in a haze right now, she may have not even realize he has left the building.

So what all is Honig giving up now that he has parted ways with The Strawberry Snortcake? Let’s see…

jewelry heist, more car accidents than a NASCAR driver, rallies to hospitals on both coasts, and let us not forget those lovely 911 calls.

Something tells me he’ll be just fine!