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VIP EXCLUSIVE: Instant Mom Star Sydney Park Talks Working With Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Miley Cyrus and Why She Is Working Hard To Not Let Fame Get To Her


Sydney Park, a talented young comedian of Korean and African American descent, can be seen in the new Nick at Nite comedy “Instant Mom” as the lead role of ‘Gabby,’ a fifteen-year-old going on twenty who considers herself old enough to make her own rules, opposite Hollywood sitcom star Tia Mowry-Hardrict. “Instant Mom” follows the story of a former party girl who marries an older gentleman, and becomes an instant-mom to three kids.

Becoming an instant mom doesn’t come with a rulebook, but it does come with a dose of humor. Park, whose talents shine through in this new role, is a budding young actress with impeccable comedic timing who got her start on the stage.

The youngest to ever perform at the Hollywood Improv at the age of six, the Philadelphia native’s future shined bright as she honed her skills and embarked on a Hollywood journey. Early in her career she shared her comedy with the world appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Chelsea Lately and The Tom Joyner Show. She continued to guest star on hit television shows such as “That’s So Raven,” “Entourage,” “The Sarah Silverman Program,” and “Hannah Montana.” Her dedication, determination and talent shines through as she continues to make television viewers laugh with her role on “Instant Mom.”

Danity Donnaly from Celebrity VIP Lounge got the chance to chat with Miss Sydney. Check out what Sydney has to say about how she got her start in comedy, who inspires her and what she thinks about those derailing child stars! Full interview below.

DANITY DONNALY (DD): You’ve guest starred on several popular shows including That’s So Raven, Entourage, The Sarah Silverman Show, Hannah Montana and more. Which set was your favorite? What was it like working with Miley Cyrus? Raven Symone?

SYDNEY PARK: When I was younger and I was mostly doing guest star roles, I think the best experience was working on That’s So Raven. I mean, that show is still a cult classic to this day! I would’ve never thought that I would be working with one of my idols, Raven Symone! Raven was very welcoming and she sort of showed me the ropes of being on set. Whether it was blocking or memorizing lines, she always had my back. When I worked with Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana, again — I would’ve never thought that she would be inviting me to eat lunch with her in her dressing room! She was so full of life and such a genuinely kind person and those are things that I really admire about her.

DD: At the age of 6, you were the youngest to ever take the Hollywood Improv stage. What comedian do you most find most influential?

SYDNEY PARK: Stand-up has really helped to shape the performer that I am today. Just by watching stand-up comedians like Sarah Silverman, Richard Pryer, Chris Rock and so many others has definitely helped me to “find the funny” in something and make it into my own.

DD: You are a young child star. What is the best advice you have ever received about making it in the industry?

SYDNEY PARK: The best advice that I’ve received so far is to always be about your business. You are your own CEO. I think that’s where a lot of young artists stumble at because they forget that this is a business! Also, have FUN! At the end of the day, tomorrow isn’t promised so why waste your time pretending to enjoy something that you really don’t? Be humble, stay out of trouble, and have FUN!

DD: Do you ever think about the transition from child star to adult star, especially with issues that Miley, Justin and other Disney kids have experienced?

SYDNEY PARK: I definitely think about it all the time, but I’m constantly thinking about moving forward and I picture myself expanding my horizons in the near future and I focus on what I want in my career, not what I’ve witnessed in other people’s careers.

DD: Tell us a little bit about your new show on Nick with Tia Mowry-Hardict.

SYDNEY PARK: Instant Mom is a show about an ex-party girl, Stephanie Turner (played by Tia Mowry-Hardrict), who marries a cardiac surgeon named Charlie Phillips (played by Michael Boatman). I play Charlie’s daughter, Gabby, and I have three younger brothers, Aaron and James. Stephanie is just trying to be the best mom and wife possible to our family, even though it doesn’t always go as planned! It’s a hilarious family sitcom that relates to real family issues.

DD: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

SYDNEY PARK: Comical, outgoing, and utterly driven!

DD: Where do you see yourself FIVE years from now?

SYDNEY PARK: I want to see the world, be in movies, write, and maybe even direct my own short films!

Get it girl! We will be rooting you on!

You can check on Sydney Park on Instant Mom on Saturday on Nick at Nite at 10:00 PM(ET).

Instagram Star Jen Selter Is Next Jillian Michaels, Inks BIG Fitness Deal

She’s earned over two million instagram followers because of her sexy body photos and now Jen Selter is going to make some bucks off her fit body, particularly her booty shots.

Now while she is known as a fit-spiration, Selter is dedicated to being a motivator to others to achieve their fitness goals. And I suppose for some, she serves as some eye candy as well.

So what do we know about the bootylicious Instagram star?

Well, Jen Selter is 20 years old and hails from New York City. She just signed with The Legacy Agency, which represents baseball stars Carl Crawford and ­Johan Santana, NFL players Osi Umenyiora and Reggie Bush and sports broadcasters Troy Aikman and Dan Hicks.

Even though Selter does not have any FORMAL fitness training, The Legacy Agency said, “We believe she can be the next Jillian Michaels.”

They added, “Jillian didn’t get to where she is until her mid-30s. Jen’s going to grow as a person, as a fitness expert, in these next years. She’s here for the long term.” True, but is she marketable? Is she likeable? That is the real question.

And if you are thinking that Selter may have just purchased those followers, think again. When Selter posts photos of herself, they get seen (and likes with as many 80,000 PER PICTURE) and so does she when she heads to the gym.

“I’m recognized wherever I am,’ Selter said. ‘I don’t really go to public gyms anymore just because it is a whole big scene when I’m there. I don’t like being watched.”

Well, tough teety Jen Selter. You are being watched…by MILLIONS! Congrats, girl!

RISING STAR: Soal Revival


Soul can come from the most unexpected of places. For those that think of Motown or Chicago, they now have a new city to add to that list courtesy of Ladysoal. This supernova soul performer has been blazing a path that has taken her from her beginnings in Iowa to international acclaim. With releases like ‘I Am Here’ from her debut EP to songs like ‘Sunshine’ and ‘That Girl’, Ladysoal is indeed that girl remaining on your mind long after she’s left the stage.

With mainstream radio and music stations currently caught up in her unique sound and look, Ladysoal has honed her skills and talents working with some of the best in the industry, culminating in a musical experience for listeners that remains incomparable and intoxicating. After performing as a background singer for leading acts, Ladysoal is now forging her own path at the forefront.

Welcome to soul, shaken and stirred.

Ladysoal: That Girl


MuA: Kouralea Nicole
Photographer: Britlyn Designs


RISING STAR: Amelia Scalies – I Should’ve Known


The artistry of 14-year-old singer-songwriter Amelia Scalies can best be described as heartfelt rock. Armed with poignant lyrics and a breathtaking voice, Amelia shines through on her latest release I Should Have Known, which covers the full spectrum of human emotion.

Scalies is an independent multi-instrumentalist and vocalist that has garnered attention on the Top 40 adult contemporary charts. A native of Philadelphia, Scalies has been touring the eastern seaboard from New York City to Baltimore, opening for such noted musical acts as Joe Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter, and Boy Wonder & Orlando. All the while, she has been steadily creating a buzz within the industry and enthralling music enthusiasts for years. I Should Have Known features all original material plus a cover of ‘Welcome to the Black Parade‘ by My Chemical Romance. Fans of alternative rock will fall in love with her music, as she weaves her way through adult themes and situations that are seemingly well beyond her teenaged years. Standout tracks from this release include ‘Bottom of the Ocean‘, the introspective ‘What I Should’ve Said‘, and the tribal-infused ‘Memory‘. Without a doubt, Amelia Scalies is already light years ahead of her age in terms of evocative lyrics and assuredly the best is yet to come for this young and talented artist.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amelia-Scalies-Singer-Song-Writer/444796452227342 www.reverbnation.com/ameliascalies

RISING STAR: Dave Plaehn – “Amos Got Soul”


Born and raised in Iowa, Dave Plaehn comes from a musical background where both parents were singers, exposing him to everything from Italian singer Mario Lanza to rockers Jimmy Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. Since the late 70s, he has concentrated on his songwriting and album releases. His first album, ‘Smokin’, comprised only original material, as did his follow-up blues-folk-jazz hybrid EP, Mouth Full of Blues. Plaehn teamed up with slide guitarist Jeff Hino in the 90’s, releasing the acoustic blues set On Your Bond in 1996 and Can’t Get My Rest in 2002.

Dave Plaehn’s Almost Got Soul demonstrates that his musical ambition is still intact and there’s more on the horizon.


RISING STAR: Joshua Worden – “Always This”

artworks-000047456872-8gao9y-t500x500Always This is all that.

Neo-soul has come home again. Joshua Worden and his Always This is a walk down soul memory lane, decked out with a hint of electronica as the cherry on top. The first (and arguably best) track is ‘Marrow’, which opens with a guitar and a hypnotic chorus. ‘Embers’ is a trip hop addition to the album, melding pop vocals with deep lyrics. Fans of Worden’s experimental groove can check out further cuts on his track that expand his sound like ‘The Line’ and ‘Midnight’. At the end of this musical journey, there is no question that Joshua Worden is taking listeners somewhere they’ve never been before, but they are quiet confident it will be worth the ride…

As a solo artist unafraid to explore the outermost regions of his instruments, the Atlanta-based Joshua Worden has dabbled in the melodic tones rhythm & blues, indie pop, jazz, electro and jazz. Armed with these tones and his progressive lyrics, Worden is a burgeoning talent that is only now beginning to receive the attention he is worthy of. The trained multi-instrumentalist writes, arranges, and produces all of his music. Since the debut of his EP The Withered Tree in July 2012 he has been causing waves. Now comes his full-length album, Always This, due out this month. If you’re ready for something that’s akin to Brand New Heavies meets something brand new, you have arrived at your destination.


Burlesque Needs You: The Diva Battle Continues!

If you are an avid reader of this site (and we know you are!), then you know that when it comes to the arts, both underground and mainstream, we have you covered from well-coiffed head to mangled toe! We have featured a bevy of the world’s most intoxicating underground burlesque divas and we’re not finished! Currently, there’s a war going on that involves glitter, glamor, duct tape, lip gloss, mascara, and all things fantabulous! But there can only be one winner!!

Enter divas.
Enter madness.
Enter Clea Cutthroat!

This jet-setting import, fresh off the boat from New York City to Berlin, is now captivating audiences as a member of Bonaparte, as well as one of the trans-Atlantic’s’s most sought after solo burlesque 148173_4310660002551_1864519822_nperformers. If you want glamour, call her up. If you want grunge, call her up. If you want boring?

Don’t call her!

This is the call that you must accept on the first ring! Buoyed by her remarkable talents on stage and with the written word, she is now seeking that tiara she has been warning us all about. Burlesque B*tch has rounded up some of the world’s most talked about burlesque divas, set them in a cage, and may the baddest chick win!

To show your support for a featured artist of CelebrityVIPLounge, go to the link below, leave a comment for Clea Cutthroat and tell them we sent you. You can vote once a day to show your love/lust/uncontrollable urges! Clea will thank you all one by one with lucid kisses and hypnotic dreams!


Website: http://www.facebook.com/cleacutthroat

Bonaparte:  wwww.bonaparte.cc

additional reporting: A. Neff King

photo: Maren Michaelis

Dani Elliott: Mission Behind The Music

If Dani Elliott were not only known as only a consummate artist, it would be more than enough. But the soulful singer/songwriter with golden pipes also believes in giving back. Her Birthday Give Tour will take Dani up and down the eastern seaboard to raise money for charities she holds dear to her heart. Dani is encouraging people to bring donations to the shows. All of the proceeds will be given to that city’s community in need. Tonight, Dani is performing at The Hills in Waterbury, Connecticut. This season, let the music fill your heart and your ears. If you enjoy jazz music, then stop by and show your support. Below are the upcoming dates on the tour. For further information on how you can give back to these communities that may be your own, go to http://danielliott.tumblr.com/.

photo: Rae Maxwell


Dec. 8th 8-11 pm, The Hills, Waterbury, CT
Dec. 12th @ 9 pm, The Velvet Lounge, Washington D.C. (w/ Double Saginaw Familiarity & Phil Lassiter)

Dec. 13th @ 8 pm, Chaplin’s Music Cafe, Spring City, PA


Glamor Assault by Frau Pepper

photo: Jörg Böh

Berlin Girls Rock:

Glamor Assault by Frau Pepper

If Marlene Dietrich had a lovechild, she’d be it. Fast forward nearly a century later, and now the world of stage (and many a man’s dreams) has another spicy German serving up equal doses of glamor, sex appeal, and above all else – domination into the beating hearts and pulsating beats of clubs worldwide.

Frau Pepper doesn’t just demand your attention. She commands it with a sly wink and a knowing nod; with her quintessential blend of elegance and expressions on stage that leave no doubt in the viewers mind where she’s venturing to take us next.

Or do we?

One look at her and you know you’re in over your head, but you are willing to drown anyway. This neo-burlesque performer with a gleam in her eye and a body that just won’t stop has given Berlin’s audiences a run deserving of some of the world’s most commercial stars. You’ve seen her everywhere, as a pin-up model, fetish performer, high end fashion, the works. Her elegance is not just a persona, it’s a mantra she heralds on stage that women want to emulate and men want to dedicate themselves to. Just when you think you’ve got Frau Pepper figured out, she switches gear, takes it up another notch, and drives the car right over the edge. Whether she is bringing back 1920’s glamor or avant-garde performances from current mainstream artists, ‘Pepperesque’ represents the best of what Berlin has to offer: the consummate performer always ready to titillate  and satiate your thirst…for more!

Currently, the platinum blonde with legs that go on and on and on… is moving them on stage with none other than Peaches on the DJ Performance Tour, which is making its way to your city and country any day now. Get this assault with a fiery Pepper if you dare!

photo: Jörg Böh


Dj Peaches Extravaganza Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOTobO8b-a8


Introducing Eden of The Sinderellas


1. The garden of God and the first home of Adam and Eve. Also called Garden of Eden.
2. A delightful place; a paradise.
3. A state of innocence, bliss, or ultimate happiness.

In the Bible, once you’ve entered the Garden of Eden, you know you’ve reached the promised land. The current reincarnation of Eden is about to release her tempting charms throughout the world, direct from Berlin.

Welcome to sin

Welcome to seduction

Welcome to Eden

The internationally acclaimed pin-up model and fashion forward goddess from the city that love forgot but lust never did – Eden is simultaneously the past and the future of playful decadence.

As a muse to some of Europe’s most well known photographers, it is only fitting that she now has joined forces with four other women from divergent paths that have united their souls and spirits to a dizzying mix of modern mayhem.

The Sinderellas, the new musical act from Warner Music Germany and Neuland Concerts, have just released their debut album and are currently on tour now. Catch up with them now…if you dare. Check her out below in action!

photo: Matthias Steffen

The Sinderellas online can be seen/heard at…


Dominique Reighard: Beauty and The Beat

It seems like everyone is throwing their hat into the music ring. From reality stars to celebutantes, there seems to be no end in sight. Another contender for the treble clef is Dominique Reighard. The model has graced the pages of J’Adore, Ebony, and Seventeen magazines and is the new face of Carol’s Daughter, the cosmetics line that has been endorsed by celebrities such as Mary J. Blige and Jada Pinkett-Smith, to name a few.  Featured on cycle 17 of America’s Next Top Model – All Stars, she is currently working on her album in Los Angeles, where she is pursuing a career as a triple-threat in entertainment. Her first music video, which is a fusion of R&B, dance, and pop, is called “On Top of the World“(feat. McSwagger) and is slated to be released through Famous Records. With one foot firmly placed in the fashion world, the sky is the limit as Dominique sets out to conquer the world of entertainment, one beat at a time.


additional reporting: A. Neff King

Kip Moore’s Debut Album in Stores NOW!

Singer-songwriter Kip Moore’s debut album, Up All Night, has officially dropped via MCA Nashville and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you’re definitely missing out because his single “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” has been certified gold, selling more than 536,000 units.  You can pick up the album and/or single on iTunes now!

“Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” currently sits at No. 9 on the country singles charts and ranks No. 9 on Billboard’s Top-Selling Country Digital Songs for First Quarter 2012.  Not only is the single itself doing well, but the video has received more than 6 million views online, resulting in VEVO featuring him as its “Detected” developing artist for April!

Kip wrote or co-wrote every song on his Brett James-produced debut album. Very impressive!

“It’s really going to throw people for a loop when they get the record,” says Kip. “They might have a perception in mind of what it’s going to be because of ‘Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,’ and I am anxious to see what they think when they hear the depth of the record.”

You can listen to Kip’s detailed, track by track interview about the inspiration of each song on the album, streaming now on Spotify. And be sure to check out Kip’s special message to fans thanking them for all their support below, and head over to his official website HERE to get all the details on how Twitter followers can win a private show!

RISING STAR: Kat Graham Performs Put Your Graffiti On Me

Bitches better watch out! Kat Graham is the newest talent to enter the scene as a singer. The Vampire Diaries star is even receiving positive feedback for her single “Put Your Graffiti On Me” from big name celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Nicole Scherzinger, Chloe Moretz, Red One, Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Osbourne and more on Twitter.

And get this…the video has topped 1 MILLION YouTube views in a week! Not too bad, girl!

Miss Graham is a triple threat. Check out her SXSW performance of “Put Your Graffiti On Me” below.

VIP RISING STAR: “Before You Exit” releases O’Silent Night video

Ok tweenie boppers…if you haven’t heard of Before You Exit, you best now get familiar.

The four piece pop/rock band, known as Before You Exit, has released a Christmas video for “O’Silent Night” to get you in the holiday spirit! There is nothing better than a group taking on a holiday classic, making it their own and sounding damn good.

These young pop-punkers combine the catchy hooks of All Time Low with the musicianship of Parachute, to make an adorable group you will be seeing everywhere in 2012! And I’m telling you, not only are they adorable, they are talented. Out of all the quartets out there consisting of young men (with Bieber bobs), Before You Exit is definitely my fave.

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