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VIP EXCLUSIVE: Instant Mom Star Sydney Park Talks Working With Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Miley Cyrus and Why She Is Working Hard To Not Let Fame Get To Her


Sydney Park, a talented young comedian of Korean and African American descent, can be seen in the new Nick at Nite comedy “Instant Mom” as the lead role of ‘Gabby,’ a fifteen-year-old going on twenty who considers herself old enough to make her own rules, opposite Hollywood sitcom star Tia Mowry-Hardrict. “Instant Mom” follows the story of a former party girl who marries an older gentleman, and becomes an instant-mom to three kids.

Becoming an instant mom doesn’t come with a rulebook, but it does come with a dose of humor. Park, whose talents shine through in this new role, is a budding young actress with impeccable comedic timing who got her start on the stage.

The youngest to ever perform at the Hollywood Improv at the age of six, the Philadelphia native’s future shined bright as she honed her skills and embarked on a Hollywood journey. Early in her career she shared her comedy with the world appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Chelsea Lately and The Tom Joyner Show. She continued to guest star on hit television shows such as “That’s So Raven,” “Entourage,” “The Sarah Silverman Program,” and “Hannah Montana.” Her dedication, determination and talent shines through as she continues to make television viewers laugh with her role on “Instant Mom.”

Danity Donnaly from Celebrity VIP Lounge got the chance to chat with Miss Sydney. Check out what Sydney has to say about how she got her start in comedy, who inspires her and what she thinks about those derailing child stars! Full interview below.

DANITY DONNALY (DD): You’ve guest starred on several popular shows including That’s So Raven, Entourage, The Sarah Silverman Show, Hannah Montana and more. Which set was your favorite? What was it like working with Miley Cyrus? Raven Symone?

SYDNEY PARK: When I was younger and I was mostly doing guest star roles, I think the best experience was working on That’s So Raven. I mean, that show is still a cult classic to this day! I would’ve never thought that I would be working with one of my idols, Raven Symone! Raven was very welcoming and she sort of showed me the ropes of being on set. Whether it was blocking or memorizing lines, she always had my back. When I worked with Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana, again — I would’ve never thought that she would be inviting me to eat lunch with her in her dressing room! She was so full of life and such a genuinely kind person and those are things that I really admire about her.

DD: At the age of 6, you were the youngest to ever take the Hollywood Improv stage. What comedian do you most find most influential?

SYDNEY PARK: Stand-up has really helped to shape the performer that I am today. Just by watching stand-up comedians like Sarah Silverman, Richard Pryer, Chris Rock and so many others has definitely helped me to “find the funny” in something and make it into my own.

DD: You are a young child star. What is the best advice you have ever received about making it in the industry?

SYDNEY PARK: The best advice that I’ve received so far is to always be about your business. You are your own CEO. I think that’s where a lot of young artists stumble at because they forget that this is a business! Also, have FUN! At the end of the day, tomorrow isn’t promised so why waste your time pretending to enjoy something that you really don’t? Be humble, stay out of trouble, and have FUN!

DD: Do you ever think about the transition from child star to adult star, especially with issues that Miley, Justin and other Disney kids have experienced?

SYDNEY PARK: I definitely think about it all the time, but I’m constantly thinking about moving forward and I picture myself expanding my horizons in the near future and I focus on what I want in my career, not what I’ve witnessed in other people’s careers.

DD: Tell us a little bit about your new show on Nick with Tia Mowry-Hardict.

SYDNEY PARK: Instant Mom is a show about an ex-party girl, Stephanie Turner (played by Tia Mowry-Hardrict), who marries a cardiac surgeon named Charlie Phillips (played by Michael Boatman). I play Charlie’s daughter, Gabby, and I have three younger brothers, Aaron and James. Stephanie is just trying to be the best mom and wife possible to our family, even though it doesn’t always go as planned! It’s a hilarious family sitcom that relates to real family issues.

DD: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

SYDNEY PARK: Comical, outgoing, and utterly driven!

DD: Where do you see yourself FIVE years from now?

SYDNEY PARK: I want to see the world, be in movies, write, and maybe even direct my own short films!

Get it girl! We will be rooting you on!

You can check on Sydney Park on Instant Mom on Saturday on Nick at Nite at 10:00 PM(ET).

Lovergirl: from T&A to Q&A


She grabbed your attention first with her music, and now she’s keeping it with her novels. Dahlia Schweitzer is letting us in on her arsenal of pen sin. I interviewed this multi-hyphenate and finally got some of those questions answered once and for all. In this special two part piece, Dahlia lets her tresses down and gives us the 411 on all things Lovergirl….

Dahlia Schweitzer is a woman of merging worlds working across several platforms. As a former electro cabaret star in Europe, she blazed a trail that few could ever have dared to follow. As a teacher, she shares her insights with students, offering a unique perspective through her expatriate experience living and performing overseas. Now residing in Los Angeles, she has yet again carved out her own niche as a writer who dares to expand the boundaries and horizons of the average reader, taking them on a journey they would never have gone on alone. Schweitzer is not afraid to go there, and her books leave an indelible imprint on the consciousness. Her first book, Lovergirl, has never been released stateside and now the time has come. Truly a work before its time, I interviewed Dahlia to get behind the woman herself and the women she encountered in this vivid and intimate, no-holds-barred novel….

Part I

What were your primary interests in delving into this world?

I was just fascinated by these people who made a living doing things
other people refuse to talk about. America is all about drawing
boundaries between public and private — not only did these women make
their private public, they made money off of it! I thought it was
incredibly interesting. I was curious about the people who did this
and the kind of communities they built within their world.

What was the most inspirational aspect of covering women like Adrian?

I loved watching women who were so confident about their own
sexuality. They weren’t busy looking in the mirror wondering if their
thighs were too fat — they owned their bodies, and they made men
worship them. It was intoxicating.

What is your opinion on a woman’s power as a sexual being?

I think most women have no idea how much power they have as sexual beings.

Who most shaped your decision to become a writer?

I never really decided to become a writer. I just wrote and somehow
people seemed to want more! It never occurred to me, when I wrote
Lovergirl (which was my first book) that I’d end up here, six books and thirteen years later!

If you were to cast the characters in Lovergirl, who would play them?

I really have no idea. I’ve never been good at casting. I do think
Reese Witherspoon would be interesting as Adrian because it would be
so different from how we’re used to seeing her — which is exactly the
point. Everyone always saw Adrian as this good girl, which is what
forced her to create this alternate persona.

How have your other artistic endeavors influenced your writing?

For me, it’s always felt very organic to have my photographs inspired
by my writing, my writing inspired by my performances — I think
living itself is the greatest source of inspiration for anything. I’m drawn to people. I find them so interesting. I see scenarios and wonder what would happen if…And there’s so much bullshit in our day-to-day lives, bullshit that I want to plow through, and that’s where a lot of my work comes in. It’s what happens when the bullshit is gone.

Describe for an outsider what living in Berlin was like during the early 2000s?

For me, it was a magical time, but it was also scary. There were some
months that I would be living on spare change. But I loved being in
Europe, I loved the mix of all the different people who came together
in Berlin — British, Italian, Australians, Spanish — it was this
incredible mix of cultures and races and everyone was there to make
art. So that part was beautiful. But after a while, it started to feel
like the place where everyone flees to avoid growing up, and I decided
it was time for me to grow up and find a career that was a little more
stable. I wanted to travel less — and to live a little less month-by-month.

both photos: Ed Fox

both photos: Ed Fox

Why did you leave Berlin and what did you take away from living there?

That’s basically why I left. I just felt like I’d been clawing my way
up a rock wall with my fingernails and I needed a break. I decided to
go to graduate school and become a teacher. But every artist should
have the experience of living off their art, of making their art
twenty-four hours a day. That’s something you never get when you have
to have a day job!

What would you say to any woman that wanted to dip her feet into the industry of sex, drugs, rock & roll after interviewing Adrian?

DO IT! Nothing is worse than wondering what something is like but
being afraid to try. I’d just say, leave out the drugs because that
will never get you anywhere. And if your mind isn’t clear, you won’t
get as much out of it.

Any upcoming projects you wish to share?

I’ve got a book coming out next year with Intellect Books, Another
Kind of Monster: Cindy Sherman’s Office Killer
, which is really
exciting. That book is five years in the making! And I’ve got another
book coming out later this year called Breathe With Me that I’ve
decided to self-publish. I won’t give away any more details, because
it’s a surprise, but people can keep up on my Facebook page,

Check back for part two of this interview on Friday, where Dahlia delves deeper and answers her most challenging question yet!

Read Lovergirl online here:


Check out Dahlia’s music here:




photography: Ed Fox

Lohan to Barbara Walters: I’m Here To Discuss Dick

Team Lohan has pulled out of an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters because Lohan is not wanting to discuss her latest legal woes. She is not going there to discuss her mother’s latest episode of cray cray or her father’s recent battles with another as yet untitled addiction.


Lohan only wants to discuss Dick.

Liz & Dick, that is.

And since the producers made it clear that they wanted to delve into the personal f*ckery that is all things Lohan, she was not buying it. So instead of going on the interview and then abruptly getting up and walking out, Lohan opted out entirely, and now Walters is scrambling for a way to make this latest fiasco go away.

Lohan’s new legal team (another one?) advised the cracktress not to discuss anything legal on the show, and so for once, Lindsay is listening to the help and keeping mum…for now.

Let’s see how long this lasts!


After releasing the mixtape “Leader of the New School” last year, DJ Dainjazone caught the attention of the electro pop mega duo LMFAO, quickly securing himself a highly coveted spot as the resident DJ for their wildly popular “Party Rock Crew” which throws some of the most celebrated and largest concerts and club nights. DJ Dainjazone now holds residencies in Las Vegas and Los Angeles at the most celeb driven marquee nights. Celebrity VIP Lounge had the opportunity to catch up with Dainjazone to chat about his start on the DJ circuit, what it’s like to work with LMFAO and whether he has a special lady in his life. Check out the highlights from the interview below.

DANITY: Tell us a little bit how you got involved in DJ-ing.

DJD: I was playing baseball at New Mexico State University and a teammate was throwing a big Halloween party. I decided I wanted to DJ the party. So I invested in a Numark CD Mixer a week before the party. After that party I continued to dj athlete parties and eventually invested in turntables.

DANITY: What do you think is the biggest misconception about being a DJ?

DJD: The biggest misconception about being a DJ Is that we have to fabricate what we do to be noticed or advance. The right people in the game will smell it on you in a heartbeat if you fabricate your accomplishments.

DANITY: Being a DJ, you have to be an energetic party starter. What do you think separates you from other DJ’s?

DJD: I typically don’t care to compare myself to other djs. I leave that up to the critics. I just want to focus on my craft, research, study and figure out ways to deliver a set that people will remember. I take risks in my sets. There’s a method to my madness. I don’t like to throw curveballs at the crowd without properly setting them up. It’s an art and a science.

DANITY: What has been the biggest challenge to get to where you are now?

DJD: I don’t think there is one specific challenge that sticks out. I’ve managed to put all challenges on the same respectful level and not make them bigger than what they are. Challenges will always occur so I feel the best thing to do is simplify this consistent occurrence.

DANITY: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

DJD: Being the temporary tour DJ for LMFAO. DJ Air, who is their tour DJ, broke his leg so I’m filling in until he’s ready to go.

DANITY: Do you have a secret talent?

DJD: No I don’t think so. Everything I’ve excelled in has been put on the surface and I’ve been acknowledged for it.

DANITY: You recently joined the LMFAO tour. What has it been like working with those guys? Are they as goofy “in real life” as their on-stage persona?

DJD: The experience has its fun moments but Redfoo is a perfectionist so I’ve had to ground myself and make sure I’m locked in and on the same page with not only him but the rest of the crew as well. When we’re not locked in work mode the fun and goofing around is out of control. The whole crew is filled with characters. In the mist of long days and nights with no sleep the jokes are a necessity.

DANITY: Being a DJ, I am sure you meet a lot of beautiful women around the world. Do you have a special lady in your life? What has been the craziest thing a girl has ever done to get your attention?

DJD: No, I am currently single. I haven’t experienced anything crazy yet. I’ve seen a lot, but the females actions weren’t directed towards me. Haha.

DANITY: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

DJD: Live a limitless life. Trust yourself. There is nothing I can’t do. I am a reflection of the best advice I’ve been given. My focus isn’t on flexing my success and end results. My focus is on what’s next.

Sounds like the perfect advice to me! We can’t wait to see where Dainjazone goes next.

You can follow DJ Dainjazone on Facebook here and Twitter here.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Miss Lemonaid Gives Us Sex Advice and Reveals Her Pick for Christian Grey In “50 Shades” Flick

Nikki Joel or Miss Lemonaid, as many people know her as, is a former talent agent always felt connected to the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry. Now, as a busy style icon and mother of two, Joel takes her former contacts to the next level where she shares everything she knows about life, style, beauty, and fashion with her exclusive inner circle to the everyday woman. One day, after an especially juicy gossip session with girlfriends, one suggested she share her life on a blog. This was the impetus to LIFESTYLELEMONAID.COM, an outlet to share her glamour daily.

In her rare free time, this UC Berkeley alum and chic LA resident can be found spending time with her family, volunteering with the “1 Voice” foundation helping to eliminate childhood cancer, and staying fit at her local Pilates studio.

We did manage to snag some of her free time away to chat about a few hot topics, including 50 Shades of Gray AND sexy time!

Check out our exclusive with Nikki Joel aka Miss Lemonaid below.

DANITY: Nice to chat with you Miss Lemonaid. I have to ask you how you got your name.

MISS LEMONAID: I became Miss Lemonaid when I started doing an advice column on the blog. Originally, I tried Miss Blondie, but people seemed to respond more to Miss Lemonaid- making lemonaid out of lemons – by giving sweet and sour advice.

DANITY: Makes total sense now. I know you recently chatted it up with Dr. Drew about the very popular 50 Shades of Grey, referred to as by some critics as “mommy porn”. What did you think of the series?

ML: I am obsessed with FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and Christian Gray. In fact, a recently divorced friend of mine has just started dating her own Master of the Universe (minus the BDSM) and we are all jealous. HOT!

DANITY: Many people are saying that this series was poorly written. Do you think that as long as it has the smut that people were more easily able to look past the poor grammar and sometimes confusing passages?

ML: For me, the writing style and grammar took a backseat to the amazing images that I could conjure in my head. As spicy as the sex was, it was the amazing love story that unfolded that make my heart go ‘pitter patter.’ The people who are complaining about the poor writing are not the audience for the book. It was not hard to overlook the grammatical errors. Additionally, most people stop reading at book 1 and never the complete the series or even read the very satisfying epilogue at the end.

DANITY: I know there is talk of a movie being done and there have been numerous celebrity names thrown out there for characters. Who do you think would play a good Christian and Ana?

ML: Other than my husband playing Christian, I think Justin Timberlake or Taylor Kitsch would be perfect. For Ana, I am thinking myself. Kidding!

DANITY: Girl, J-Tizzle?!!! Yes! I can feel the wrath of his fiance Jessica Biel right now! HA! Ok so, I’m predicting a baby boom come next year due to this series. The mamas definitely got their kicks from EL James’ story. For those women not into smut books, what can women do to spice up their relationship/marriage?

ML: I wish I could have a baby boom but my husband has closed the door (actually It never opened) about a third child. BUT to spice up the bedroom, have sex more regularly, use a JimmyJane, fantasize, or pretend it’s the first time.

DANITY: I know you have a lot of friends who have had some interesting stories to tell (regarding sex). Can you tell me one of the most embarrassing stories you’ve ever heard?

ML: I hear lots of embarrassing sex stories all of the time. One of my faves involves a friend’s nanny. Vibrators are big in this couple’s world. One night as they were ready to rock and roll, they could not find their vibrator. They were freaked their kids had found it and played with it like a toy. The next morning as my friend hunted for her magic toy, she discovered it in her nanny’s room- dirty and hidden under a pile of clothes!! NASTY!

DANITY: There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the recent Time magazine cover of the mother breastfeeding her four year old son. What are your thoughts on the cover? Do you think breastfeeding your child as a toddler is something that should be done?

ML: I absolutely believe in breastfeeding but only until the child is one or at the most two. I breastfed both of my boys and stopped at 12 months. When a mother is still feeding her kid beyond 2, it is more for the mom than the kid. At that point, the kid is more aware and has already gotten enough of the benefit of breast milk and is now eating real food.

DANITY: And now onto fashion, because I absolutely love your fashion sense. As a mother many peeps think they have to live in sweats and mom jeans. What are your favorite style pieces for Summer 2012?

ML: My favorite style pieces for Summer 2012 is tie-dye, big bold baubles, neon colors, colorful handbags, colorful cheek and lip color, and Lucite heels.


For more on Miss Lemonaid, you can check out her blog here and follow her on Twitter here.

Check out Nikki Joel on Dr. Drew below.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Detention Star Shanley Caswell Says Josh Hutcherson Is “Super Cool and Humble”

Shanley Caswell stars in the movie “Detention” opposite The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook. The film has already taken the festival circuit by storm, with a world premiere at last year’s SXSW Festival and then winning the Youth Jury prize for best FutureWave Feature Film at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Read more about her role in Detention here.

Caswell stars as the cynical social outcast ‘Riley Jones’ in the highly-stylized film which is described as an “apocalyptic fantasy, horror, science fiction, action thriller, body-swapping and time-traveling teen romantic comedy” about the local students of Grizzly Lake who must survive their final year of high school. Standing in their way is a slasher movie killer who has seemingly come to life, quickly becoming a race against time to stop the killer and save the world – if only they can get out of detention.

We got to chat with Miss Caswell about her roles in both Detention and The Warren Files and oh yes, she got to work with hottie Josh Hutcherson every day for awhile. She tells us what kind of guy he is. We’re guessing she’s Team Peeta.

DANITY: You have already portrayed a variety of characters for various genres. What role has been your favorite thus far? And do you have a preference of working on a television set or a movie set?

SHANLEY CASWELL: I definitely love both for different reasons but right now I really enjoy the films I’ve worked on; you really get to explore a character for an extended amount of time and it is a lot of fun and a great learning experience. It’s always weird when you go on as a guest star to a show because you’re like the odd one out. So there are some shows that the actors and crews do a really good job in welcoming the guest stars and other shows that don’t do it as much. But it’s a great learning experience because you get to play a lot of different characters and you get to meet a lot of really, really great actors.

DANITY: You worked with The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson in your latest project called Detention. What was it like working with him?

SC: Josh is awesome! I don’t think he’s aware that he’s a movie star. He is just super cool and very humble. He is the rare breed of child actor who has escaped the norm because he has this need for adventure, and he’s always willing to try something new. I’m so excited for him.

DANITY: The categorization of this film is complicated. How would you describe Detention?

SC: Detention is a fun, multi-genre film about a group of teenagers who have to go back in time to catch a serial killer and save the world. It’s just your normal fun, fast paced, sci-fi, slasher, comedy, romance, time traveling, body swapping movie. I would say it’s more comedy than horror, but I guess that depends on who’s watching it.

DANITY: Who has been your favorite person to work with so far and if you could
pick anyone to work with, who would it be and why?

SC: I’ve always wanted to work with Natalie Portman. I just really admire her career and would love to have the opportunity to work alongside her; I know I’d learn so much. She’s extremely well educated. I feel like I could ask her so many questions. It would be just amazing to play her little sister. Don’t we look exactly alike?

DANITY: Yes, EXACTLY! HA! I heard that the Detention set was very interesting to work on. How did you stay focused? And how did you train for the physical intensity of your role?

SC: Every day on Detention was crazy! It was pretty grueling; it was long hours, not a lot of sleep, hard work. And it was interesting as an actor because Joseph didn’t shoot in a normal style, with the master shot, the double shot, a single shot. It was interesting camera moves and as an actor to keep continuity and to remember was tough.

DANITY: How did you prepare for the role of Riley mentally and what attracted you to Riley’s character?

SC: Well, I think that everyone sees a little bit of themselves in Riley. I really felt I had a lot in common with her actually. I related to her high school experience to a certain extent. I definitely had to toss some of my inhibitions aside; I couldn’t be embarrassed while making Detention…at all.

DANITY: I hear you are also working on another horror movie called The Warren Files. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

SC: The film is based on a true story and chronicles the lives of the Perron family who begin to experience paranormal activity in their house. It gets to a point where it’s just so messed up they can’t do anything about it so they need help. They go to Ed and Lorraine Warren who are actual paranormal investigators. We actually met the real Lorraine Warren while filming. She and her husband are demonologists. That’s what they do. They come to the house, try to help us out and creepy stuff happens. That’s all I can say.

DANITY: Oh my gosh. That stuff creeps me out! AHHH! Sounds interesting to say the least. So, tell me Shanley, what is the best advice that you’ve ever received?

SC: My mom always told me to read a lot, and I never really understood that, but there’s a lot of really good literature out there. My parents always wanted me to keep learning and growing.

And from what it sounds like, she is! Get ’em girl! For more on Shanley you can follow her on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Flavor Flav Talks House of Flavor, Fried Chicken and Brigitte Nielsen

Whatever drama ensued as a result of the now closed restaurant in Iowa, Flavor Flav is not one who gives up. He told Celebrityviplounge.com, “I’m back jack, full-fledged, and we’re about it get it in!” Today Flavor Flav is celebrating the launch of “Flavor Flav’s House Of Flavor”, his new fried chicken/soul food restaurant in Las Vegas.

In an exclusive interview with Danity Donnaly from Celebrityviplounge.com Flav enthusiastically said, “You must be hungry because I’ve got the flavor for ya!” Yeaaaaahhhh boy!

As for the opening of his restaurant he couldn’t be more pleased. He told us, “Hey right now, I’m very very excited to be opening up a restaurant here in Vegas. This is the first of its kind, a take-out only restaurant with soul food…you know what I’m saying. I’m not gonna lie but the food is not only delicious, its phenomenal and definitely on the menu is my signature fried chicken, you know what I’m sayin’!”

And the rest of the food sounds de-freakin-lish!

He added, “we’ve got the macaroni and cheese, the collard greens, potato salad, coleslaw, the biscuits, we’ve got it going on up in here. My partner Farrah Gray added something special to the menu called the red velvet waffle. So you’ll got to come out to Vegas, baby. You’ll got to come and get it in!” And that we just may!

Check out highlights from our exclusive with Flav. He was just as his television persona portrays. Highly energetic…kooky…and


My aspiration was definitely to be a chef. But back in the day when I was going to culinary school cooks were making very good money. Back in those days, you know what I’m sayin’…and I set myself up so that way. And all I wanted was a good job. You know what I’m sayin’ and a good career so I set myself out to culinary school and also what I wanted to do was to be the first stir fry cook in the FAMILY! So that’s why I went to culinary arts school, you know what I’m sayin’ and not only that but then comes Public Enemy. Hey, it took me away from culinary.


I sure will. When y’all come out here or when people come out they will find me actually in the back cooking chicken and I’m going to be coming out serving my fans and my friends. You know and fans and the customers and all of that. I’m gonna be serving and taking pictures and I’m going to be signing autographs for all the people that come in and when they’re leaving the restaurant I’m going to take a picture with them AND I’m going to sign a menu for them to take with them. That’s a meet and greet nobody can beat!


Yeah I’m looking forward to my boy Criss Angel coming through. I reached out to him and also my partner Carrot Top. They’re real good friends of mine. You know what I’m sayin’ but also you know I’ve got a lot of friends that come and visit town and come and see me. You know my man Nelly says he can’t wait to get some of this chicken baby! You know what I’m sayin’?

And also I have my man um DJ Paul from Three Six Mafia he’s going to be coming through so I’ve got some peeps coming through. You know what I mean?


She’s in Italy right now. She’s married and I’m very happy for my friend. She’s a very very sweet and caring person. She’s one of the nicest people that you’ll ever want to know, man. You know and we’re gonna be friends man, for the rest of our lives. But I’m proud of what she’s doing with her family life right now and everything.


Come on my favorite is fried chicken, lady. I’m not gonna lie and the whole nine. But I can’t live without my collard greens, you know what I mean and my macaroni and cheese and stuff like that. A lot of that is my favorite up there. Y’all need to come out here and find out what’s going on.


In the second or third week in April I will be opening up an FFC in Detroit. FFC stands for Flav’s Fried Chicken. And I’m going to open up in Detroit and once that opens in Detroit, then I’m going to start opening up all around the United States. Once I open that one, it’s a wrap lady!

And I heard that KFC ain’t doing all that great, so if that’s true, then hey this is the perfect time for me to make my move.


I’m gonna try. I’m not gonna lie. I opened my restaurant (in Iowa) next to the Colonel and I was putting the holding on the Colonel and I had to shut it down because the business wasn’t being ran right up in Iowa, you know what I mean? So hey. If you don’t succeed you try try again.


I want y’all to know that this Public Enemy album that me and my partner Chuck D is coming with, also I’m coming with a solo album and should have new material hopefully by July or August.

And also when y’all get out here. I want you to go to the liquor store. Get in line for Lee’s liquors. We’ve got Bonanza. We’ve got the Hilton hotel. I have a vodka out right now called La Flav. It’s called La Flav straight up and the next ones I’m coming with are grape and bubblegum. It’s coming, baby! So make sure you hurry up and get to Vegas.

You heard the boy!

For those of you hungry in the Vegas area, stop by Flav’s restaurant at 3333 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada.


With his portrayal of the hilarious Ricky Schwartz on MTV’s hit show Awkward., actor Matthew Fahey has certainly made a name for himself. And if you’ve seen his other work, it’s a no-brainer as to how and why. As an actor, Fahey is skillful, precise and, most of all, relatable. As a professional, he’s fiercely driven.

Along with Awkward., Fahey recently guest starred on the TNT crime drama, Rizzoli & Isles and premiered films, like “The First Time” and “Excision” at Sundance. Fahey has also been busy working on the TV mini-series short, “The Ben and Ari Show” and the short, “Picture Paris” with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which will be premiering at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. But if you think that the 21 year old actor has let it go to his head, think again.

I recently had the chance to chat with Matthew about his recent acting adventures, his production company- Auteur Legacy Productions– (yes, did I mention he also has one of those?), and his future plans. Take a listen after the jump!

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VIP EXCLUSIVE: K-Drew Talks Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine and “Free”

KDrew is a fiercely talented singer/songwriter/producer who instantly reminded me of Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake when I heard him sing. But, he does have his own style to bring to the industry. The guy recently put together his debut EP, “Free” and made it available as a free download. In addition to “Free”, KDrew will release SIX more self-produced EPs on the first of every month through the month of May! Saweet! Celebrity VIP Lounge sat down with KDrew to discuss his background, music, the Justin Timberlake comparisons and more.

DANITY (DD): So excited to chat with you KDrew and I know a lot of my fabulous VIP ladies will be thrilled to get to know you a little bit better.

KDREW: I’m excited as well and really appreciate the time!

DD: SO tell me a little bit about how you grew up, where you grew up and what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

KDREW: I grew up in Howell, NJ in a house surrounded by music. My dad DJ’d and was in a few bands. So growing up, music was pretty much all I knew besides sports. Career wise it was just the passion I had for music that made me wanna peruse a career in it. My dad always told me, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

DD: Who or what inspires you musically?

KDREW: What’s cool about the way I work is that I can be anywhere when inspiration hits and I can break out my laptop and just start working right then and there. A lot of times being on the road, I’ll get a coffee from starbucks and get all hyped up then I’ll just start working right in the shoppe. It’s funny because people around me are working on thesis papers or reading and I’m sitting there jamming out on my headphones. It’s a lot of fun.

DD: You have been a busy guy. While you hear of many peeps putting out a mix tape, you are putting out SEVEN. Why seven?

KDREW: Nowadays there’s so much content out there where it’s easy for your stuff to go unheard. People are putting out new music every single second. So I feel like putting that much material out there will at least keep the movement going. Plus my fans have been waiting very patiently for original releases. So they really deserve it!

DD: So not only do you write, record and produce, you also co-founded Indie Music Group, your very own label. First of all it is refreshing to see more talented individuals like you entering the music business rather than the manufactured studio artists. What is your favorite part of the industry, the behind the scenes or being front and center (performing)?

KDREW: It’s everything really. You sign up for all that stuff when you take on the roll that I’m taking on. I really love every aspect of what I do. If there was one thing tho it’d have to be making the music. It’s the root of what everything revolves around in the business. Without music there would be no music industry.

DD: Of all of the songs you have created, what is your favorite and why?

KDREW: I really don’t have a favorite. A lot of time and passion goes into each and every song. They’re like my children lol. So to pick a favorite is just way too hard!

DD: What was the last concert you attended?

KDREW: The last concert I attended was Chris Browns F.A.M.E tour. I really don’t have a ton of time to go to concerts but whenever I get a chance I try to catch one here and there.

DD: After the release of all of the mix tapes, what are your plans? Any touring in the near future?

KDREW: It’s definitely going to be touring. I also have a couple other tricks up my sleeve but everyone is just gonna have to wait and see what they are!

DD: What has been the biggest challenge for you thus far in your musical journey?

KDREW: It’s gotta be just doing everything yourself. IMG (Indie Music Group) has no help from any labels or anything of that nature. So every step we take is in the shoes that we made ourselves. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan and we could have been working on that particular thing for months. But as a team and company you have to be strong and continue to move forward.

DD: Many are comparing you to the likes of Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine, what do you have to bring to the industry that these guys haven’t already brought?

KDREW: I’m bringing music that comes solely from me. I don’t have any grammy winning producers or grammy winning engineers working on my music. It’s just me, my laptop and home studio. So hopefully I bring a little light to the industry for artists that are being held back because they don’t have someone pressing record or playing them a track. I hope they feel empowered to get up and go learn it all so they can be who they want to be!

Check out KDrew’s Facebook here.

VIP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ginuwine, confirms new album Old School Young!

Ginuwine may no longer be The Bachelor, but he still has a way with making lyrics sound smooth and making the ladies swoon. Fifteen years ago Ginuwine was singing about grinding ala Pony, trying to fit in “those jeans” and teaming up with Timberland and the Crew to make hits. He went on to stay true to his R&B roots, but music evolved pushing R&B heavy hitters (and my personal faves) like Silk, Shai, SWV, En Vogue, Next, 112, New Edition and more out of the limelight. The industry soon became a place where even the non-talented could get signed to a record label and it wasn’t long before the teen pop stars rolled into town.

But the evolution of the industry wasn’t the only difficult obstacle that would challenge Ginuwine. After years of partying and living it up like a rock star, heart ache and pain would find him. After losing his father to suicide and his mother to cancer just a year later, Ginuwine found himself in a deep dark place and contemplated his purpose in life.

Soul searching and positive thinking got him through and so did meeting his beautiful wife Sole. Together they are raising nine children together and they have given him a new outlook on life.

With Ginuwine’s new album Old School Young coming out this year, it will be interesting to see if he can one day say that he helped bring real R&B back to the forefront. Here’s hoping he’ll bring back the bright long-tailed suits as well. Come on, you know what I’m talking about!

Check out the interview we did with Ginuwine below.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Project Runway’s Christopher Straub Interview

Project Runway star Christopher Straub has teamed up with maurices to judge the maurices Main Street Model Search, and they’re looking for 12 real girls in all sizes from across America who embody what the company is all about: fashion, fun and giving back.

We had the chance to chat with Straub about his experience on Project Runway, his own fashion line for maurices AND the great model search. Check out our chat below!

DANITY (DD): Christopher, it is a pleasure to finally chat with you. A lot has happened since your appearances on Project Runway, season five and Models of the Runway, season one. Even though you didn’t win, you have already jump-started a fabulous career. Can you tell me what it was like to do these shows, the feelings that you felt after being sent home and when you got started on your first project?

It was such a surreal experience to be part of the competition. I went into it just wanting to showcase my talents and to utilize the exposure from the show to turn it into a business. I’m a self-taught designer, without any formal training, so it was an honor to be on Project Runway. I was so motivated that once filming was complete I got home and got back to sewing right away. I know some of the other designers took some time-off but I just kept designing.

DD: And now you have collaborated with maurices to launch your own line there as well. What attracted you to the opportunity to work with this particular company?

CS: I was a TRUE gift to be approached by maurices! They are a small-town specialty store and I’m a small-town designer. It’s a great partnership…I launched a holiday collection in November 2011 at maurices and it was a big success. This March will see my second collection at maurices complete with dresses, suiting separates, and jewelry.

DD: What sets your design taste apart from other fashion designers out there?

CS: Women are always telling me what they want: feminine details, joyous prints, and to show-off their favorite parts of their bodies like shoulders and legs. I hear them in my head when designing these collections.

DD: What or who inspires you? Who are some of your favorite designers?

CS: Texture and natural elements inspire me and I like to incorporate those themes in all of my designs. I’m fond of the iconic works of Balenciaga, McQueen, and Givenchy.

DD: What are your favorite pieces that you designed for maurices?

CS: In this, upcoming, spring collection I worked really hard to design a turtle shell element for the jewelry. It was important that it looked realistic and not cartoon-y. I’m so happy with how it turned out so we used it in a ring, necklace, cuff and earrings. In the holiday 2011 collection I was so proud of the dresses in the line. Each one was a signature silhouette that incorporates print or texture.

DD: Since your involvement with maurices you not only have launched your own line, but are now involved with this year’s maurices main street model search. I read about this contest and absolutely love the message it presents. You are a judge for this contest! So what are you are looking for in a maurices model?

CS: I am so happy to be a part of maurices Main Street Model Search 2012!!! I’m looking for genuine, authentic women who embrace themselves and have a connection to her community. Confidence is, also, a great asset in this competition.

DD: What’s next for Christopher Straub?

CS: 2012 is all about maurices and the Main Street Model Search. I want keep providing great fashion to folks everywhere at affordable prices.

Check out Christopher’s line for maurices here.

His design is fierce! LOVEEEEEEE it!

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Backstreet Boys’ Howie D. talks new album, BSB and YOU

Backstreet Boys Howie D. interview

As a young girl, I remember my mother taking me and my three sisters to wait in line at wee hours in the morning just to purchase Backstreet Boys concert tickets. But we weren’t the only ones there waiting four hours before the tickets actually went on sale. It was a phenomenon and craze that my mother compared to that of the Beatles.

We’d annoy her with our constant blasting of “I Want It That Way” over and over and over on our mini boom boxes (which I am surprised we didn’t blow the speakers out of), hanging up the phone line because we had to call radio stations to make our requests and putting numerous nail holes in our walls to hang up posters of our favorite member (mine was AJ, for those of you dying to know).

But we were just four fans (five counting my mother, who I’m pretty sure had a soft spot for former Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson) from the Midwest. The Backstreet Boys were a hot commodity and were loved in every major city (and then some) by millions of (mostly) girls around the world.

After selling millions of records and reigning pop music for years, Backstreet Boys member Howie D. is still the reserved one, the humble one or as fans refer to him as…the “sweet” one. Though the group consisting of Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell and Dorough have been through up’s and down’s throughout their music career of 18 years, including a lawsuit with shady impresario Lou Pearlman, AJ’s struggle with addiction and Kevin’s decision in 2006 to “retire” from the group, Howie credits the fans for never abandoning them.

Celebrity VIP Lounge’s Danity Donnaly had the chance to chat with Howie about being in THE most popular and most successful boy bands of our time, why he waited until now to release a solo album and that wild and wicked hip shaker in his new video “100”.

Check out the interview below.

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VIP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Singers Rob Gonzalez and Kevin Richardson Team Up For Home for The Holidays Concert

Multi-talented Montage house singer Rob Gonzalez and Former BSB member and Broadway-experienced Kevin Richardson have partnered up to perform a holiday concert that will benefit the Angeles Clinic, one of the leading non-profit cancer treatment centers in the world. Get into the holiday spirit with a festive variety show of sorts (Rat Pack style) put together by Gonzalez and friends. The festivities are set to take place at the Montage Beverly Hills on Sunday, December 18th, 2011.

Bring your family, friends, neighbors, etc to see this family friendly show to enjoy:

*a full band (and by FULL we mean strings, horns, keys, etc)
*dance choreography produced by acclaimed film choreographer Tara Nicole Hughes, best known for Chicago, Nine, Burlesque and Rent
*holiday classics sung by Gonzalez and Richardson
*surprise guests (but we can’t say who…sorry)
*festive ambiance sure to make for a memorable evening!

Celebrityviplounge.com had the chance to chat with Kevin and Rob about how the show came to fruition, the charity the concert supports and more!

Check out our exclusive below!

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VIP EXCLUSIVE: The Sing-Off’s Nick Lachey says new album is in the works

Midwestern bred (and we love our fellow Midwestern boys) Nick Lachey has been busy back in the entertainment scene as host of NBC’s The Sing-Off and he is enjoying every minute of it. But is there new music for him in the future? You bet your booties. And what about other side projects? Mmhmmm.

We’ve got the dirt!

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VIP EXCLUSIVE: Shawn Stockman talks new Boyz II Men album, being bitten by the “TV bug”

I grew up listening to Boyz II Men on my mini boombox up in my room on the daily and making up my own dances to Motown Philly. Not only that but “End of the Road” was a favorite at my high school dances. It was “Water Runs Dry” that I cried to after some loser bag chose to go out with my friend instead of me. And then there was “Doin’ Just Fine” later on in my life when I went through a massive breakup that should have happened way long before it did. You get the picture. Boyz II Men, along with Mariah Carey, had a big part in my coping with life’s big fat let downs, crisis and even the fun times.

Oh man, where oh where have the days gone where music lyrically and emotionally taught men how to love and treat a lady like Boyz II Men did. You know, REAL baby making music, not the stupid music today that calls women “hoes” and “tricks” lyrics. Yeah Weezy I’m talking about you.

At any rate, to chat with one of the guys from the group was beyond surreal. I have interviewed several big stars and never felt the amount of nerves I had when speaking with Shawn Stockman, one-fourth of the Grammy Award winning group Boyz II Men.

Stockman, now a judge on The Sing-Off, again is influencing the lives of others by making people’s dreams come true. I had the chance to chat about Boyz II Men and future projects and I’m excited to share this with you.

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