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Kate Gosselin Twins Humiliate Her In LIVE Interview (VIDEO)

This is got to be the most upsetting interview for Kate Gosselin. Sure, she’s had some doozies, but when her kids are not living up to her expectations, you know damn well she’s got to be a tad upset…especially when a live television interview doesn’t go as planned.

Kate appeared on the “Today” show with her 13-year-old twins Cara and Mady and while they were supposed to talk about how their mom has raised them as normal teenage girls who haven’t been damaged by being on a reality TV show, the girls pretty much tanked the whole dang thing.

And the girls simply refused to say a damn word.

You could totally tell that Kate was irritated and pretty much demanded the girls to speak. “It’s your chance … spit it out!” she said.

Check out the interview video for yourself above. It is definitely probably one of the most uncomfortable moments on television.

On a side note, that one girl looks a spitting image of her father Jon Gosselin, you think?

Bobbi Kristina Brown Married To Adopted Brother Nick Gordon And Grandma Cissy Is Furious!

YES, Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown really is a married woman. Girlfriend showed off a photo of her hand with a big blinging ring draped over Nick Gordon’s hand (which also had a ring on his finger).


And the following caption described the bling bling photo, “@nickdgordon #HappilyMarried• SO#Inlove• if you didn’t get it the first time that is.”

Nick Gordon also took to Twitter yesterday to post simply, “Lovin life with my wife”.

If you know anything about the Houston family you know that Whitney Houston pretty much took Nick Gordon in to live with her and Bobbi Kris when his mother could no longer care for him. This was YEARS ago and he basically has been like a big brother to Bobbi Kris.

It was three years ago when BK first told the world that she was engaged to Gordon, much to fans and family members disapproval. You can bet Gramma Cissy wasn’t happy and BK found herself having to defend her relationship because of all the backlash.

She had taken to Facebook to speak her mind saying, “I’m tired of hearing people say, Ew you’re engaged to your brother. … Mommy was the one who even said that she knew that we were going to start dating.” ”

So did Grandma Cissy finally stop objecting to the relationship because it makes Bobbi Kristina happy or is this still causing poor Grandma’s blood to boil?

But now that Bobbi Kristina is 21 years of age, does she really need Grandma Cissy’s approval?

Julia Roberts Is Knocked Up!


In her mid-40s, who knew that her poon still had it in it?! What these older Hollywood women are showing the average woman these days – Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Madonna, et cetera – is that as long as you have a vag and a will…

there’s a way!

Although Julia has not disclosed the status of her nether-region just yet, either she’s one pound away from the fat farm or she’s filled with a babything…

Or two!

Now, we know these La La Land women are getting in vitro like we all order a Big Mac meal, so don’t be surprised if Julia drops a deuce in a few months!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Amanda Markert: Pauly D’s Baby Mama Has History of Violence


Pauly D’s baby mama Amanda Markert may have gotten screwed, but now she is about to get screwed over. Now that Pauly D has found out that he has a six month old baby Amabella, he’s ready to fight for her. But he better be careful because his one night stand, aka baby mama, has a mean streak in her.

TMZ is reporting that Markert has a history of violence and Pauly D is going to do all he can to get his daughter. The guy has only seen his child ONCE.

According to Radar Online,

Markert was arrested in July 2009 after attacking her ex-boyfriend Lance Gerbino – with whom she has a son – which left him with bloody lips, a mouth injury and a cut above his eye.

‘Pauly is very concerned for his daughter’s safety and doesn’t want her in a violent environment,’ Radar’s insider said.

Pauly is reportedly frustrated he has not been able to see his child more than once. ‘He has a court date set and hopes the judge will mandate custody time,’ a source told Radar.

And while he has been trying and trying to set up a second meeting with his daughter, Amanda’s attorney is telling him no!

But Pauly isn’t giving up. He told Radar, “We’re working on the second visitation now. I really want to see Amabella in time for the holidays. I’d love to get her either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I want to see her as much as possible, but it’s a process.”

I’m sure as long as he has the money, Amanda Markert will eventually cave. Money talks!

Mariah Carey’s Daughter Monroe Meets President Obama At Christmas Tree Lighting


It was a dramatic Christmas tree lighting event and Mariah Carey was on hand to help ring in the festivities in Washington. The National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony took place Friday and THOUSANDS attended the event to see the first family celebrate the holiday season. But it was Mariah Carey’s daughter Monroe who got to get extra close to the American leader.

Unfortunately for Monroe, girlfriend has no clue who she’s hanging out with. Mariah tweeted a photo of the special meeting saying, “What an honor to kick off the holiday season with the First Family”.


After the beautiful tree was pretty much “switched on” those in attendance were entertained by the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, who sang “Joy to the World” and my girl Mariah who performed her classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Mrs. Obama also read the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ book to the younger attendees.

It sure seemed like a fabulously fun night.


I just wonder if those lights on that tree are LED.

CELEB SPOTTING: Kim Zolciak Out and About with Newborn Twins

Kim Zolciak just gave birth to twins Kane Ren and Kaia Rose four days ago, and already she has her body looking right! Spotted with the twins and husband Kroy Biermann in Lawrenceville, Ga., Kim sported an all black outfit just a day after Thanksgiving, which accentuated her post-baby curves and cleavage.

The couple are also parents to Brielle, 16, Ariana, 11, Kroy Jr., 2, and Kash, 15 months. According to Kim, her daughters have been doing great as big sisters. “They have been such a big help with the twins!” she tweeted to her Twitter followers. She also shared an Instagram picture of Kroy and wrote, “My hubby makes time for each and everyone of the kids. I’m sooooo blessed to be married to my best friend and the most incredible daddy on the planet!”

Congrats again to the Biermann family on their new additions!

Image via Splash News


Michael Jordan Has a Babything on the Way!


They’ve only been married for a hot minute, but that’s not stopping them from welcoming a baby next April. According to reports, Michael Jordan and his newlywed wife Yvette Prieto are expecting next spring. The NBA Hall of Famer and Charlotte Bobcats owner already as three adult children from his marriage to ex Juanita Vanoy.

After five years of playing boyfriend and girlfriend, the two tied the knot last April in a grand ceremony that had over 500 guests. The two then had an even bigger after party with 1,500 guests in Jupiter, Florida in his enormous mansion.

This will be the first child for Yvette.

Congrats to the couple.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Evelyn Lozada: Knocked Up!

Faithful Central Bible Church Event

How she managed to pull this off for so long without any media outlet figuring it out is beyond us, but the news is now out. Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives fame is heavy with child. How heavy?

Six months!
And guess what?

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson ain’t the daddy!

Unbeknownst to the general public, Lozada has been with a new man for the past year and the pregnancy was not an accident. It was planned and only a handful of people were privy to this baby news.

If you recall, Lozada dropped Chad from her life when he put his hands on her Chris Brown style. This will be Evelyn’s second child as she already has an almost 18 year old daughter from a previous relationship.

Congrats to Evelyn!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Popped Out Her Babything


Jennifer Love Hewitt has finally popped that child out of her hole and now we are sure to be deluged by Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest photos featuring her breastfeeding her child. The deets?

Jennifer not only secretly wed her latest man Brian Hallisay, but also announced the name of her daughter. Autumn James Hallisay makes Hewitt a first time mom and first time wife as well. The star of The Client List had this to say about being a mother:

“I lost my mom a little less than a year and a half ago to cancer. Obviously, I got very lucky that even though I lost my mother, I lost her later in life, but it’s still had a profound effect on me. I’ve always wanted to be a mom,” she said. “I had a great relationship with mine. I’m ready to pass on to my child all the great love that my mom had for me.”

We wish Hewitt and her husband and new daughter years of pleasure. That baby is going to have a field day should Jennifer decide to breastfeed.

We’re just saying!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Kelly Clarkson Is Pregnant!

Just last week, Kelly Clarkson told Jay Leno that “practice makes perfect” when it comes to getting pregnant. Well it worked! She and husband Brandon Blackstock are expecting their first child! “I’m pregnant!!!” the singer tweeted to her fans. “Brandon and I are so excited! Best early Christmas present ever.”

The couple were married almost a month ago on October 20, and it’s been no secret that Kelly wants to be a mom! “More than anything, next I want a baby. Lots of them!” she told Us Weekly before her wedding. “My record label is freaking out because all I can talk about now are babies. We’re really excited and want to get our family started.” She added: “I’m 31 and we’d like to do it the natural way. My eggs aren’t getting any younger! So we’re really excited.”

Brandon has two kids, Savannah and Seth from a previous relationship, and they were cool with them adding to their blended family. “We got the A-okay from them so we are ready to go. That’s definitely the next big project we’re going to start on,” Kelly said.

When Jay asked her if she was pregnant, Kelly avoided the question by telling him only that they weren’t “announcing anything right now” but were having sex “like rabbits” in the meantime.”[We want a baby] like now! Practice makes perfect!” she told him, laughing. “We do, we do. We’re trying, trying, trying. We have two kids, and they’re so great. And I never wanted kids before, but now I want, like, five.”

Aww congrats to her and Brandon! I’m sure they’ll make great parents!

Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Madonna’s Daughter Lola Takes Over Material Girl’s Instagram

Madge is really making sure her daughter is keeping busy with something productive. Gotta keep her out of trouble, right?! And so with her gig as a fashionista and co-assistant with the Material Girl line, Madge has given daughter Lola Instagram duty. A teen knows how to run the dang thing, right?

You bet!

And snapping photos Lola did today for the brand and peeps made sure to follow her every move.

Today Lola took over Material Girl’s instagram today! Check out her first post and you can check out the @MaterialGirl Instagram for Lola’s updates throughout the day!

David Arquette Knocks Up Girlfriend

Well, that answers that?

Or does it?

David Arquette, whose claim to fame in recent years has been showing up to interviews (mainly to Howard Stern’s) and drunkenly ranting about how in love he is with ex-wife Courteney Cox. It looks like he may be over it now that he has sperminated another woman.

Christina McLarty is the lucky woman that will be bringing another generation of Arquettes into the world. Reportedly, she is in her fourth month. For those that are not in the know, David has a 9-year-old from his relationship with Cox, Coco Arquette.

Let’s hope the sperm survived that two drink minimum!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Kendra Wilkinson is Knocked Up!

She’s been hinting at it for weeks (or has it been months now? We forget) and now she can finally make an official announcement about her womb:

“Round two. Here we go!! Happiest Halloween ever b/c Hank and I have a special treat! Kendra on Top, naughty, naughty, that’s what got me pregnant with baby No. 2. We planned this to be right after the season, so we have a little time off. I’ll have time to puke and be in a cave. I’m still in my first trimester.”

And for the respectable classy woman that knows to wait until after your first trimester to announce that you’re expecting, we say…

Kendra is no respectable classy lady.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Ireland Baldwin: I am NOT the Julianne Hough!


White girls donning white face.

Now white girls donning red face?

Hold up one minute, Ireland Baldwin claims. She is not the Julianne Hough!

If you recall, Julianne decided that for Halloween, she was going to get into blackface and just roam the streets without a care in the world. She had no idea the outrage it would cause.

Silly girl!

Ireland Baldwin decided to don Indian paint under her genetically blessed eyes and when she got slapped left and right for her get-up, she fired back in true Baldwin style:

“Ok everyone. I apologize if my Halloween costume offended you and your culture PERSONALLY. However, I don’t apologize to a majority of you who thought it was necessary to return the favor with a lot of hateful mentions. I respect all cultures and I would never mock one. I am Cherokee Indian, and I am also well aware of what many tribes encountered in the past.”

Yes. She’s definitely a Baldwin!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Kerry Washington Is Knocked Up!

In a banner year for the Scandal star, who showed us all that getting married while famous can be done with no media/paparazzi involved, is now with child, according to her spokesperson.

Washington and her husband, NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, are expecting sometime mid-2014 in the spring. The only reason Kerry came forward with this news is because it is impossible to hide her growing bump and her hosting of SNL this weekend would have caused a controversy.

Congratulations to Kerry and her husband on the baby news and even more kudos for maintaining some privacy and saying no to the famewhore syndrome that seems to strike Hollywood with the quickness these days.

additional reporting: A. Neff King