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Beyonce Fan FaceTimes with Singer, Dies of Cancer

Beyonce and Jay Z Online

We interrupt all the happy stories surrounding Beyonce and her pregnancy to bring you a sad piece of news having to do with the singer.

Ebony Banks, the high school student who made news last week for FaceTiming with Beyonce while battling stage four cancer, has passed away from the disease.

In a short conversation that made its way on to Twitter (below), the singer told Banks that she loved her, while a clearly emotional Banks responded in kind.

Ebony – who attended Alief Hastings High School in Houston, Texas – had tragically spent a majority of her senior year at MD Anderson Cancer Center, fighting a rare type of cancer, according to local affiliate KIAH.

Earlier this month, the school district held a special early graduation ceremony for Banks on March 16.

As a unique gift, her friends and classmates created the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE on social media to try and make one of the patient’s biggest dreams come true.

“Beyonce is one of her idols. She admires her so much, so we’re trying to put that on Twitter and Instagram to get Beyonce’s attention,” sophomore Karina Gutierrez told local KTRK-TV of the mission.

Word spread to Beyonce and the following call took place last Wednesday:

<blockquote …read more

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Josh Duggar Net Worth: Did Sex Scandals Leave Him Broke?

Josh Duggar Family Photo

It’s been nearly two years since the world learned the shocking news that reality star Josh Duggar molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

In the months that followed, fans of Josh’s family would bear witness to a number of appalling revelations, including the fact that Josh’s parents helped cover up his crimes.

Amazingly (and disconcertingly), Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have recovered from the scandal and have even been granted a second chance at TV stardom with TLC’s Counting On.

Obviously, Josh hasn’t been shown the same forgiveness.

Of course, the fact that he was caught up in a second sex scandal later that same year certainly didn’t help his cause.

Just three months after the world learned that Josh had molested his sisters, it was revealed that the 28-year-old father of four had cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar, using paid accounts on Ashley Madison, a website designed to facilitate affairs between married men and women.

In all likelihood, audiences never would’ve forgiven Josh’s first round of indiscretions, but the second revelation put the nail in his reputation’s coffin.

The cheating allegations confirmed that he’s a man with some very severe issues and that the his family made …read more

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Pharrell x adidas Originals Human Race

Pharrell and adidas have another hit collaboration on the horizon with their latest offering.

Continue reading…

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Who Is Pretty Little Liars’ Biggest Bad? Watch the Cast Recreate Their Reactions to the Big Reveal

Pretty Little Liars

Throughout the run of Pretty Little Liars, there’s been one big question everyone’s been dying to know the answer to: Who is A?
Of course, that question has been answered…

…read more

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June Shannon Undergoes Skin Removal: See the Horrifying Pics!

June Shannon on TV


Do not look at the following photos while eating.

We don’t mean to be crass. We’re just concerned about the physical well-being of our readers.

On Friday night, though, Mama June Shannon underwent the skin removal procedure that she thought she had wanted for so long, as part of her ongoing mission to shed many pounds.

But you know what they say, don’t you?

Be careful what you wish for!

Shannon said goodbye to her kids on the episode in order to travel to Los Angeles for three weeks and go under the knife, with “From Not to Hot” giving viewers plenty of footage from the actual surgery.

And this is where that warning about not eating comes into play…

First, doctors drew on to June’s skin where they’d be making incisions…

Then, it was time to get to work…

Shannon was put under and placed on the operating table, with physicians slicing away at her body in order to help her lose weight.

Is that too graphic of a description? Sorry.

But that’s what transpired.

Kendall Jenner Lip-Syncs in Lingerie for Marilyn Monroe-Inspired Love Video

Kendall Jenner, Marilyn Monroe, Love Magazine

Kendall Jenner likes it hot!
The 21-year-old model channels Marilyn Monroe in her newest project for LOVE magazine, dancing, tousling her hair and lip syncing the late star’s biggest…

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Luke Pell and Danielle Lombard: Dating?!?

Luke Pell at iHeartRadio Music Festival

If you don’t find love on your season of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, is it best to stick to dating other participants of the shows in Bachelor Nation?

That appears to be the question Luke Pell and Danielle Lombard were asking when they started getting up close and personal.

For the record, there is no official confirmation yet about whether they are a thing.

However, the rumors went into overdrive when the couple attended the Music Lounge by iHeartMedia + BMG Media Event with fellow Bachelor Nation member, Vinny Ventiera.

People at the event claimed that Pell and Lombard were all over each other, so it definitely sounds like they are well on their way to becoming the next couple in the franchise.

Pell apparently debunked rumors of them dating after an interview with US Weekly, but it sure seems like the duo are trying to keep their relationship as low-key as possible.

It’s difficult to imagine their relationship flourishing if Pell was successful at being the suitor on The Bachelor Season 21. Yes, there were rumblings that he was all set to film the promotional campaign for the series.

That all fell apart when it was announce Nick Viall would …read more

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Nick Viall Admits He Couldn’t Do Dancing With the Stars Without Vanessa Grimaldi (And She’s Learning Steps Quicker Than Him)

Nick Viall, Dancing With the Stars

Nick Viall’s getting a little help on his foxtrot. The Bachelor star and pro partner Peta Murgatroyd were paid a visit by Nick’s fiancé Vanessa Grimaldi during rehearsals and E! News…

…read more

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Erika Jayne Has Something to Say About Being Called “Raunchy” on Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars, Week 1, DWTS

Did you happen to agree with Len Goodman when he dinged Erika Jayne’s debut performance on Dancing With the Stars for being raunchy? If so, the following message is for you.
When E!…

…read more

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Inside the Big Business of Being a Famous Parent: How Some Stars Will Cash in Without Even Trying

Pregnant Moms, Business, Beyonce, Amal Clooney, Lauren Conrad, Ciara

With Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Ciara and presumably a few others we don’t know about yet all pregnant, a Hollywood baby boom is in full force.
And as…

…read more

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Jenelle Evans Discusses Building a Blended Family With David Eason

Jenelle Evans family Halloween pic

It’s only been two months since Jenelle Evans welcomed her third child, but the Teen Mom 2 star is already planning her next move on the family front.

Jenelle is engaged to David Eason these days, and she’s happily addressed questions about her upcoming nuptials and the unique joys and challenges of raising a blended family in a number of new interviews.

Asked about her wedding planning process by MTV, Jenelle revealed that there’s some disagreement as to exactly when she and David should tie the knot:

“We haven’t set a date, but we want to get married either this summer or next summer depending on how quickly we plan it,” Jenelle said last month.

“I’m saying next summer, but he’s saying this summer.”

As for the theme and decor, Evans had this to say:

“We know we want a rustic-themed wedding, nothing too fancy. Something simple, maybe backyard and outdoorsy.”

She added:

“We want just close friends and family, not anything crazy.”

Of course the really interesting questions surrounding Jenelle and David’s forthcoming marriage have nothing to do with mason jars and Edison light bulbs.

Jenelle has three kids by three different men, and David has two children from previous relationships.

On top of that, Jenelle’s mother …read more

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Teen Battling Stage 4 Cancer Passes Away Just Four Days After Meeting Her Idol Beyonce

Sadly, the teen fan that made headlines last week when Beyoncé called in to FaceTime with her, has passed away.

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Danielle Bregoli Reality Show: It’s Happening!

Danielle Bregoli in Braids

In the most predictable development since Kim Kardashian and her family chose to publicize every conceivable angle of the star’s Paris robbery for the sake of ratings, Danielle Bregoli has signed to anchor a reality show.

We’ll give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor…

All good now?

Over the utter shock of this announcement?

Okay, allow us to pass along a few details.

According to TMZ, Bregoli has officially signed with what the website refers to as a “major TV production company.”

Not many other details are available at the moment, but it’s worth noting that the show (which will be centered on Danielle’s ridiculous life, of course) does not actually have a home yet.

No network has agreed to air the series; nor is there an official pitch or summary of what the program will actually be about it.

The 14-year old has simply agreed to work with a company that will help get a series on television.

Tragically, it’s not difficult to see this happening.

The Internet is very interest in the world of Danielle Bregoli, who rose to viral fame in September after she appeared alongside her mother on an episode of Dr. Phil.

The segment was titled “I …read more

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Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson Prove They Are Each Other’s Yin and Yang With Matching Tattoos

Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson

Siblings by blood, best friends by choice.
Paris Jackson and her older brother Prince Jackson paid tribute to their unbreakable bond with a pair of coordinating ankle tattoos–the yin…

…read more

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Phaedra Parks’ Divorce to Apollo Nida on Hold: Find Out Why!

Appolo Nida, Phaedra Parks Pic

Phaedra Parks is not getting rid of Apollo Nida for the foreseeable future.

Even though Nida has moved on to a new woman since separating from Phaedra, he is technically still married. If you’ve been watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you probably know Phaedra is trying to move on.

That’s why it came as a surprise to hear the divorce was placed on hold by a judge. The reason? Apparently, Nida’s surname had incorrect spelling on the legal documents.

In addition to that, he was apparently under the impression he would get to leave jail to attend any court dates, but that appears to be wishful thinking on his part.

Phaedra’s representative, Steve Honig chatted to Page Six about these crazy developments and what he thinks about them.

“It”s very confusing why a man who is engaged and enjoys frequent visits with his fiancée would work so aggressively to avoid ending his marriage,” Honig revealed.

“Regardless, Phaedra is reviewing her options with her attorney to determine the most efficient path toward ending this marriage so she can move forward and focus on raising strong, healthy and happy children.””