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Bring a Touch of Elegance with Ladies Day 2017 and Stand out From the Crowd

Ladies Day is usually a special event at different festivals across the world. It is packed with exciting entertainment that includes live music and it brings people from different walks of life together. This is also a day of pure elegance that is depicted at the racecourse. Ladies Day gives female race goers a chance to compete in style stakes and participate in a world-class racing action. In fact, there are times when the most impressive fashionista is rewarded. You can also bring a touch of elegance with Ladies Day 2017 by wearing a gorgeous hat or a fascinator.

Stand out this Ladies Day
This is a day to express your personality in style by joining friends in beautiful clothing. Take advantage of this day and be part of history by embracing this occasion in style.
This year, Ladies Day will bring together gorgeous women dressed in spectacular fashion outfits to enjoy a wide range of entertainment. That’s because it is basically a day to celebrate women both on and off the track. Fashion competitions will also be held at different places. It’s clearly a day of elegance and style. So, why don’t you step out in style too? Let people see a touch of elegance in you this day by dressing spectacularly for the occasion.

Ladies Day betting
In 2017, Ladies’ Day at the Grand National Festival will be held on Friday 7th April. And trust me; you don’t want to miss the events of this day. This year, Ladies Day is not just about fashion and racing. You can also make money by betting. There are plenty Ladies Day bets that you should consider especially if you already know where to find them. Some betting sites provide enhanced odds offer. It’s also an intriguing day for betting fans. Thus, this year’s Ladies Day will be characterized by racing and betting. Perhaps, you should be on the lookout for horses with big names for enhanced odds and offers to get the best bets for the day.

Additional play money
To most gamblers, this day means getting a significant amount of extra play money to continue playing different games at different casinos. The good news is that this day is not just for ladies that participate in the events of the Grand National Festival. Men can also participate in the activities of the day.
In fact, the Ladies Day action has made many men mark the day on their bonus calendar. Therefore, be extra keen to find promotion pages in your favorite casinos to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Actually, you can sign up on your preferred casino now to enjoy significant rewards and bonuses in the future.

Basically, Ladies Day is a fun-filled day for race goers at the Grand National Festival. It’s also a day that is characterized by top-class racing and betting actions. Many people see this day as the pinnacle of social calendar when people bring elegance and style to the festival. You can also spot celebrities in the festival and take photos with them. So, bring a touch of elegance with this year’s Ladies Day and don’t forget to take advantage of the best odds to win big

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The Evolution of the Celebrity and Big Brother

We all love celebrities. All around the world, people from movies, TV and music are continually stuck to the front page of the newspapers. It could be because we spend so much time with these glamorous folks: listening to them on the radio; seeing their stories told in television and cinema; checking for the latest updates on their lives via social media.

When anyone crops up that regularly, it’s only natural to take an interest.
But there’s something more to the public’s love affair with celeb culture. It could be that stars and starlets represent a goal to strive for – after all, they are often talented and good-looking, rich beyond our wildest dreams, and, as we all dreamed as kids, doing the thing they love for a living.

Some say that this is precisely the reason. That by learning about the lives of celebrities, we hope to obtain their secrets, find out what makes them tick, and in doing so, find the winning formula to enhance our own lives. You could term this “aspirational celeb fandom”. Because when we read about David Beckham’s insane workout routine, or JK Rowling being rejected by hundreds of publishers, what we are really doing is trying to learn how to write our own success stories.

But there is another type of celebrity fandom, and it is both modern and more perplexing. Since the launch of Big Brother, a new breed of celebrity has emerged. People like Jade Goody or Chantelle Houghton fit this description perfectly: not super-talented in any obvious way; not even excessively good-looking, but somehow, and for some reason, very compelling.

This new type of celebrity is almost the opposite of the traditional public figure. Rather than being a high standard to reach for, these everyday men and women remind us all that celebrities are real people, with real lives, and concerns just like ours.

But what’s more even more interesting is how this change in attitude has affected the more typical, “aspirational” A-listers. The relatable celebrity shattered the public’s perception of glamour pusses as people beyond the reach of common problems, and wet our appetite for mundane details of life as a household name. Now, we are as likely to be fascinated by what David Beckham thinks about the new GTA as we are his thoughts on football. We want to know about Taylor Swift’s favourite cereal, Justin Bieber’s shoes, and even what kind of water Jennifer Aniston drinks.

And if our obsession with the relatable celeb began with Big Brother, it’s no surprise that what the show began in the public consciousness ended up right where it started: in the Big Brother House. I’m talking, of course, about Celebrity Big Brother. CBB is the logical conclusion of the celebrity-as-real-person angle: a group of famous faces eating, drinking, sitting, and idly chatting; doing, in short, the most ordinary things imaginable.

It’s the ultimate window into the lives of the stars, and the closeness offered by CBB has brought out some of our strangest inner yearnings. Not satisfied to simply watch, we crave deeper connection – as though being so close and yet so far is driving us crazy.

Welcome onto the scene: betting on Celebrity Big Brother. This relatively recent evolution of celeb fandom represents a further complication of our emotional involvement with the people on the box. Right now, there are sites offering detailed analysis and predictions on the outcome of the current season of CBB, when a decade ago, the idea would have seemed absurd.

However, thinking about it in the context of the celebrity’s evolution, it’s not all that difficult to understand why this is so appealing. If first we wanted to aspire, and then we wanted simply to know, the next step is surely to be able to use that knowledge. Looking at it like this, you could say that betting on CBB is not about the money at all. Rather, it represents a testing ground for our ability to judge and predict the contestants. We are essentially putting our money where our mouths are, and furthermore, we are deliberately entangling our fates and fortunes with those of the rich and famous.

This is surely the final stage of celeb/watcher bonding, and it is comforting to know that for all the negativity that is projected onto celebrity interest, the instinct is a good one: to know, to understand, and to share in every up and down.

Could Denzel Washington be this Year’s Hot Tip for the Oscars?

Could Denzel Washington be this Year’s Hot Tip for the Oscars?

The Oscars, Hollywood’s most prestigious awards ceremony, is just around the corner and movie fans are already starting to look forward to a night of glitz and glamour. With the 2017 list of nominees going live on January 24, the big question as we head towards the February 26 event is: who will win?

As is often the case with the Oscars, there will be speculation, support and even a few bets placed on the potential winners. In fact, much like a sporting event where punters back their favourite actors and actresses with more than their convictions, the 2017 Oscars ceremony will present another betting opportunity for that like a flutter.

Odds Experts are Gearing Up for Another Round of Oscars Betting


Although the official betting lines are yet to be released, the iGaming industry’s main players are already gearing up for the show. Indeed, at SportsBet.io the developers have already set aside a space in the lobby for the Oscars. Set to cover all the top awards and nominees, the operator will not only give customers the chance to place a variety of bets, from small to large, but do it with Bitcoin.

Something of a unique proposition in the iGaming industry, those betting with Bitcoin can take advantage of the digital currency’s ability to span regions and ante up without having to pay currency conversion charges. Essentially, anyone with a hot tip for the Oscars can use Bitcoin to take a punt. However, before you scroll through the SportsBet.io and hit the bet now button, let’s take a look at what the experts are saying.

According to Refinery 29, La La Land and Moonlight are almost certain to go home from this year’s awards ceremony with a gong or two. Similarly, Awards Circuit is also tipping La La Land to at least be in the running for an Oscar, but one of its hottest tips is Denzel Washington. Although there is a lot of buzz surrounding Casey Affleck for his role in Manchester by the Sea, Washington’s Fences could be the surprise hit.

Washington Could be the Surprise Package with Directorial Effort


As well as directing the movie about a man struggling to raise his African-American family in 1950s America, Washington also played the lead character, Troy Maxwell. Washington has been nominated six times and picked up two Oscars in his time for Best Supporting Actor (Glory 1989) and Best Actor (Glory 2001), but this could be the first year he wins a directorial award.

However, if he is going to win he’ll need to overcome the likes of Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) and Mel Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge). Both are currently among AwardCircuit.com’s top picks, but Washington could be one of those outside bets that pay dividends on the night. Of course, anything could happen but what is certain is that the 2017 Oscars will be another night of excitement for those involved regardless of the odds and outcomes.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Ann Inaba Talks Chinese New Year Festivities, Parties And Her Animal Project Foundation

Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in Chinese Culture and this years 15 day celebration kicks off today, January 28th.

With events taking place all over the globe, you don’t have to be in China or even Chinese to celebrate. Joining us to share more about Chinese New Year and tips for hosting an unforgettable celebration within the comfort of your home is producer, judge and television host Carrie Ann Inaba.

Celebrity VIP Lounge had the chance to chat with Carrie Ann Inaba about the Chinese New Year holiday, what a Carrie Ann Inaba party is like and a little bit about her Animal Project Foundation. Check out the interview below.

Eyes Down for These Bingo Loving Stars

Eyes Down for These Bingo Loving Stars

Famous or unknown, at the end of the day, we’re all just people. And nothing shows how down to earth some celebrities are than finding out that while they can live the high life and go out wherever they want, they still get excited about activities accessible to us mere mortals, such as the humble game of bingo.

And if you think about it, what’s not to love about bingo? Its universal popularity is down to the fact that it’s an easy and fun game to play, you don’t need to concentrate and you also have a chance of winning cash when you play. While lots of celebs have more money than they know what to do with, apparently some of them still get a big buzz out of playing bingo.

In fact, bingo has been reinventing itself in the last few years, both in real life as well as online. The tech advances made in bingo mean that it’s now an ultra-convenient pastime for anyone, famous or not. Not only can you play on your phone, but it’s also possible to make a bingo deposit by phone bill at sites like mFortune, which ensures that you can start playing whenever you want to. Wherever and whoever you are, topping up your bingo account is easier than ever.

With an estimated 100 million people now playing bingo online, there’s no way of knowing whether you’re chatting to a big name when you log on to online bingo chat rooms, as celebs’ anonymity can be assured when they play under a bingo username. You can imagine that a few quick games of bingo on a smartphone would be a great way for a star to unwind in between shooting movie scenes or while they’re being chauffeured to their next engagement. Perhaps they enjoy a bit of bingo banter in the chat rooms too.

So which celebrity bingo fans might you bump into while playing bingo on your mobile?

• Courtney Cox is one of a number of celebs who actually don’t just enjoy playing the game, they get involved in running games occasionally too. Cox, Paris Hilton, Ricki Lake and Eric McCormack have all taken turns as the caller for celebrity bingo charity nights held at Legendary Bingo in Los Angeles. Perhaps the increased uptake of bingo playing on phones and online has led to the evolution of traditional bingo nights like those at Legendary Bingo and the Rebel Bingo club nights which are held in different venues in the UK, US and Europe.
TONIGHT it’s our Annual FREE #LegendaryBingo @MarysWeho!!!! One show (7pm) … make a… https://t.co/JWrTwqI2xu
— Roxy Wood (@foxxyroxywood) December 21, 2016

• Perhaps one of the stars who’s most often associated with bingo is actor Russell Crowe. Back in the days when he had yet to become a member of the Hollywood A-listers, Crowe worked at a bingo hall in his home country of Australia. Russell’s pretty familiar with the rules of “Housie,” as he was a caller for the game. Perhaps luckily for Crowe, he got sacked for making up his own risqué bingo calls, and this cleared the way for his acting career to take off.

• Another actor who has a strong connection to bingo is Catherine Zeta-Jones. She came from a working-class home in Wales where money was tight – until her parents won £100,000 playing a game of bingo in the 1980s. With the windfall, they were able to support Catherine to reach her dreams of becoming an actress and it was while she was in acting school in London that she was discovered. Apparently, Zeta-Jones gets out the bingo cards at home on special occasions and has introduced her in-laws to the game, though it’s said that husband Michael isn’t a fan!

It’s not just actors who love the game of bingo, though. The game has some pretty big fans from the world of music too.

• Rolling Stones’ legend Mick Jagger has always been known for his wild partying, but he has a quieter side to him. He’s said to enjoy hosting bingo nights for his friends at home, so perhaps he’s introduced to the game to a few more celebs who might not otherwise have tried it.

• U2 frontman Bono is another fan of the game – he even is co-owner of a club in Dublin that includes bingo nights in its range of entertainment. Bono’s been known to observe proceedings from a VIP balcony in the club.

• Robbie Williams may not immediately strike you as the kind of person who’d love bingo, but apparently, he does. In 2011, he attended a bingo charity night and won a handbag. In the same year, while filming a video for his single Advertising Space, Robbie discussed playing bingo with his parents when they came to visit him in LA and the song’s video also featured a bingo hall in one scene.

Of course, there may be many other famous faces who like to get their eyes down with a game of bingo – we’re not privy to every leisure activity that every celebrity enjoys. But what we know is that when playing bingo online, we could easily be in the company of one of these celebs without realizing it.

A man to remember – John Lennon

Known as the founder of The Beatles, John Winston Ono Lennon, was born in Liverpool in 1940. He was the only child of Julia and Fred Lennon. The parents of John split when he was still a child, and he was then raised by his Aunt. However John remained close to his mother who encouraged him to learn music. He started to play the banjo and later he turned to guitar. When he was only 17, his mother passed away in a car accident.

The first band that John Lennon created was known as The Quarrymen. Members of this band included George Harrison and Paul McCartney. After completing school, he went to the art college at Merseyside, where he first met Stuart Sutcliffe, another fellow student. This is when they formed The Beatles, with Pete Best as drummer and performed regularly in concerts at the red light district of Hamburg. A few years later Ringo Star replaced Pete on drums.
They had various number one hits in Britain and also conquered the US in the 60’s. Soon they were known as the world’s biggest band. In the 70’s John Lennon started his solo career and during this time he performed numerous top songs. Some of his most famous song include titles such as Jealous Guy, Instant Karma, Give Peace a Chance, Stand by Me, Happy Xmas and many more. Although John Lennon has tragically kept our world, his music remains immortal and is appreciated by people of all generations all over the world. If you like the musical career of this John Lennon, you would most probably enjoy the music themed slots found at Magical Vegas, the online casino where you can benefit of no deposit free spins.

Hear the crowd row on Guns N’ Roses Slot, as you choose your favourite track out of five hits to play while you spin. Expanding Wild appears on the reels of this game to increase your chances of winning. Plus, you can enjoy numerous other features related to this top rock band such as Crowd Pleaser Bonus Games, Solo Multipliers, Free Spins, and Appetite for Destruction Wilds.

Crank up the volume while playing the exciting Motorhead Slot. This 76 paylines slot is themed on the English Rock band of Motorhead that have been entertaining the world for over 40 years with not less than 23 albums. On this fantastic game you will find smashing features such as Mystery Reel, Bomber feature, Wild substitution, Free Spins.
Jimi Hendrix is a legendary guitarist who is known for his unique style on stage. Now you can find a psychedelic slot game, called Jimi Hendrix that is made of up 5 reels and 20 paylines. The background of the game will certainly remind you of the 1960’s with pastel colours, guitars, and flowers. On this game, you will be able to enjoy numerous top features such as Purple Haze Free Spins, Pick and Click Bonus, and Red Guitar Respins.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Christina Milian Is a Maker of Home

Celebrity VIP Lounge had the chance to talk to Christina Milian about her involvement with Latina magazine’s 20th anniversary celebration, her big family and her new social media campaign with Pinesol.

Celebrity Bingo Players


No longer is Bingo just played by old ladies in Bingo Halls, its recent rise in popularity has seen people of all age groups joining in. From huge sold out parties in London, to the popularity of online bingo sites, the game is making waves amongst everyone. More notably, it even has its Celebrity followers. We take a look at some of the most famous Bingo players in the world. From Actors to Rock stars, the popularity knows no bounds!

Russell Crowe

Before finding fame in epic blockbusters such as Gladiator and Man of Steel, Russell’s first foray into the limelight came as a Bingo caller. Apparently Russell had a habit of changing the traditional Bingo calls to considerably ruder ones, something his bosses did not see the side of! He was eventually cut loose after being considered too unsavoury for the role!

Catherine Zeta Jones

One of the most popular Celebrity Bingo players, Swansea born Catherine Zeta Jones has been known to throw huge Bingo parties with her husband, Michael Douglas. When she was just a teenager, her father won an incredible £100,000 during a Bingo game, leading her to continue to love the game in later life. She’s also been known to act as a guest caller at charity Bingo events.

Billy Corgan
Smashing Pumpkins frontman and mastermind Billy Corgan is not what you’d have in mind when you think of the everyday Bingo player, but he is indeed just that. Corgan runs a tearoom in his hometown of Chicago by the name of Madame Zuzu’s that holds Bingo events for the community in an effort to promote a genuine sense of community in his home state of Illinois.

Sharon Osbourne
Starting her career as the manager of infamous Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osborne, Sharon Osbourne carved her way to the top of the Hollywood pile with talk shows, reality TV series and her brilliant sense of humour. Little did you know, she also has her own Bingo game! Starring in an advert for a UK based Bingo site, the ad saw Sharon relaxing at a luxury spa, playing along on her Laptop, proving you really can take the game anywhere!

Mick Jagger
Although in the age bracket of most Bingo players, Mick Jagger is the last person you’d expect to see playing the game! The “Paint It Black” singer is known for throwing huge Bingo parties at his mansion with all his pals, not that he really needs to win the money!

Kate Moss
Once the poster child for the rock and roll London lifestyle, Kate Moss is one of the world’s most famous supermodels, gracing the cover of Vogue an incredible 37 times. Now a mother, Kate is said to have traded the glitz and glamour of partying in for a more grounded approach to life. Her close friend and Fashion Designer Sadie Frost said in an interview, they enjoy staying at home with the family and playing Bingo on Saturday’s!

President Trump: Five Celebs who Pledged to Leave the USA

President Trump: Five Celebs who Pledged to Leave the USA


In the UK, firebrand columnist, Katie Hopkins, told her Twitter followers in December last year that she would leave the country for the United States if Donald Trump won the recent presidential election. Well, he did – but she isn’t; Hopkins has pledged to stay in the UK. “The country still needs me,” she said.

Celebrities are not known for their integrity, a situation that’s exacerbated by the fact that most of them have big mouths. Here are five celebrities who pledged to do the opposite of Britain’s Hopkins; escape the States for somewhere – anywhere – else following Trump’s (a notorious misogynist and racist who has been accused of sexual assault) victory. Spoiler: they’ll all still here.

Bryan Cranston
Godzilla and Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston, recently suggested that Donald Trump was like a “tragic Shakespearean character”. That is, he is a completely unique character who speaks at length without actually saying anything. Cranston pledged that he would move to Canada if Trump won the election but he appears to be staying in California.

“Miley Cyrus en Chile 21” (CC BY 2.0) by rodrigodizzlecciko
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus burst into tears the moment Trump was declared the President-Elect. Good start. However, this was only to declare herself “accepting and hopeful, inspired and smiling” just a day later. Rightttt. Like Cranston, Cyrus, a former Disney star, also pledged to emigrate north of the border. But, also like Cranston, the pop star doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. That’s a shame.

Samuel L. Jackson
To be fair to Mr. Jackson, he never said that he was leaving the country. The beloved actor was playing the role of a ‘hateful eight ball’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live last year and responded to a question about Trump’s presidency. He promised to move to South Africa if the reality TV star won the race to the White House.

Chelsea Handler
Comedian, Chelsea Handler, is a vocal critic of Donald Trump, and has discussed the possibility of moving to Spain to live in a house she bought ahead of Tuesday’s election result. Handler has tried to distance herself from her fellow celebrities who “threaten to leave […] and then don’t.” Time will tell if Handler keeps her promise.

George Lopez
American-born Hispanic comedian, George Lopez, waded into the immigration debate that has surrounded Trump’s presidential campaign for the past few months. He noted that the billionaire’s election wouldn’t be an issue for Hispanic people because they’d “all go back”. Lopez is reportedly a man of his word.


“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore
It’s been hard to avoid US politics lately so you might have missed some other important developments in the world (the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, Toblerone changed its shape, Harambe is still dead, and vegas slot machines can now be played with bitcoin) but at least the Trump saga might now take a back seat until Inauguration Day in January.

As a final point, here are some of the more harebrained escape plans that celebrities cooked up during Donald Trump’s unprecedented run for president: Singer, Cher, proposed an exit to Jupiter while the post-election plans of TV host, Jon Stewart, involve a rocket ship to “another planet”. Natasha Lyonne, of Orange is the New Black, intimated that hell might be a better place than Earth come January.

3 Celebrities Who Love Tech

For some reason, most of us assume that stars are only engaged in their specific area of the industry – musicians in music, actors in Hollywood, and so on. Well, this is simply not the case as many celebrities have a variety of interests just like us normal folk. One of them is tech, which is why so many famous people have chosen to invest in startups and innovative ideas over the years. Today, we thought we’d take a look at three of these celebrities and the technologies they’ve helped to blossom over the years.


Ashton Kutcher

Whilst many weren’t particularly impressed with the movie itself, Ashton Kutcher was probably the best actor around to portray Steve Jobs in the Apple founder’s biopic. Kutcher has invested in Silicon Valley a number of times throughout his career, including Spotify, Skype, AirBnb, Foursquare and Uber.

What’s more, he was one of the first celebrities to support Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that Kutcher continues to promote to this day. Over the years, Kutcher has invested in multiple Bitcoin-processing platforms such as BitGo and BitPay in an attempt to establish Bitcoin as a viable currency for everyone. It is thanks to investors like Kutcher that Bitcoin continues to flourish and has inspired online and land-based ventures to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Popular brands such as Gap, Whole Foods and Dell have all embraced Bitcoin, as have gaming platforms like Microsoft Xbox and Steam. As for the online casino sector, it has shown early interest in Bitcoin as it provides safe, speedy and transparent transactions. There are even platforms such as Vegas Casino – a Bitcoin blackjack casino – that deal exclusively in the cryptocurrency and offer the same large range of table games and slots as more traditional iGaming outlets.

Kutcher has also gone on to found his own companies: Katalyst, which organizes entertainment and tech-based media events, and A-Grade Investments that helps mobile app and ecommerce startups.

Licensed under a creative commons share-alike license. Use freely, but give credit Philip Nelson, Live Streaming Expert and link to philipnelson.org

Licensed under a creative commons share-alike license. Use freely, but give credit Philip Nelson, Live Streaming Expert and link to philipnelson.org

Lady Gaga

Did you ever wonder what Lady Gaga was doing whilst on her lengthy hiatus between albums? Well, she may have been investing in future technologies. Gaga is renowned for setting trends and back in 2011 she invested in social media platform builder Backplane. The company launched LittleMonsters.com, a borderline luxury social network where Gaga’s Little Monsters (aka her fans) could get to know each other. The eccentric singer gave $1 million to the startup alongside Google Venture, Menlo Ventures and Eric Schmidt of Google.

Unfortunately, Backplane went under earlier this year but that hasn’t squashed Gaga’s entrepreneurial spirit. According to Fortune, she has recently partnered with Intel as well as Vox Media through her Born This Way Foundation to create the ‘Hack Harassment’ project, which will hopefully aid efforts to reduce cyberbullying.


Justin Timberlake

Ashton Kutcher and Lady Gaga are undoubtedly A-list in their respective industries, but Justin Timberlake is a famed triple threat. He’s a singer, an actor and an entrepreneur having invested in a variety of tech companies over the years. Most of these startups are based in the arts, for instance Stipple, a site where photographers can sell their photographs, or Miso Media, which aims to revolutionize music education through apps and interactive programs.

Arguably, Timberlake’s most famous investment was Myspace as he helped the failing social network transform into a place for hopeful musicians to gather and display their work.

#GiveShaneAGo: The Internet Pairs Shane Warne and Emily Ratajkowski

As a successful cricketer and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here star, Shane Warne is one of the most desirable, eligible bachelors in the world. Over the last few years, Warne has been seen with plenty of celebrities and socialites but it seems the Internet has picked their own favourite potential girlfriend for the accomplished sportsman.


Born on September 13th, 1969 in Upper Ferntree Gully, Warne is a former Australian cricketer who is still regarded as one of the best bowlers in history. After playing his first test match in 1992, Warne went on to take over 1000 international wickets, an accomplishment that has only ever been matched by the world’s number one Muttiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka.

Warne retired from international cricket alongside other Australian legends Glenn McGrath, Damien Martyn and Justin Langer in early 2007 after Australia’s 5 – 0 Ashes win against England. The cricketer did go on to play a full season at Hampshire later that year but retired from first-class cricket in March 2008 and instead was signed as the captain of Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League.


Also in 2008, Warne became an ambassador for 888poker as he is a passionate poker player as well as an astounding cricketer. In fact, on Warne’s own website he writes ‘I absolutely love playing poker and the nature of tournament poker. It’s something that resonates with me as there are so many similarities between poker and cricket, especially when you have the opportunity to play at an elite level.’ So it’s no surprise that Warne took a risk by commenting on a certain model’s selfie!

On Friday 23rd September, Warne commented on an Instagram selfie posted by model Emily Ratajkowski. The picture, which featured 25-year-old Ratajkowski looking as beautiful as ever with her hair behind her ears, was simply captioned ‘Morning London’. Within a few minutes though, Warne commented on the pic, writing: ‘Stunning day in London!!! Enjoy. X’.

Warne’s comment was perfectly innocent and polite, but it wasn’t long before fans began to comment on it with the hashtag ‘GiveShaneAGo’, with some even offering some cricket-themed pick-up lines.


As the hashtag became more and more popular on Instagram and Twitter, other celebrities even got involved. The 47-year-old’s ex-fiancée Elizabeth Hurley, Piers Morgan and Rita Panahi all tweeted support for Warne, particularly after Channel 9’s Today Show tried to discourage #GiveShaneAGo and called the cricketer ‘creepy’.

‘It’s all a bit creepy,” Michelle Stephenson said during the programme’s The Sunday Jury segment. “He’s like that guy that sits at the end of the bar and has those really cheesy lines hoping that one of them will work and I don’t think they’re working anymore.’

The father-of-three has been labelled as a lothario by tabloids many times over the years. In May, Warne was front-page news following a few dates with US socialite Brynne Edelsten, then more recently for seeing the Bachelor’s Kirralee ‘Kiki’ Morris.

Unfortunately, despite the amount of attention the pair got, there have been no reports of Warne and Ratajkowski going for a date yet. We can still hope!

An Easy Guide To Dress Codes At Corporate Events

An easy guide to dress codes at corporate events


Many invitations arrive with notes about a dress code, but dress codes aren’t always the easiest things to decipher. While morning dress might sound like an instruction to wear casual daytime clothes, the truth couldn’t be further from that.

Whatever the occasion, the folks at the London entertainment agency MN2S know their stuff when it comes to dressing the part, and they’ve imparted some sage advice to keep you on track.

Turnin up in the wrong outfit can be heartily embarrassing for both guest and organiser whatever the occasion, so check out our easy guide to dress codes – you won’t be caught out setting a dress code or attending an event with one if you stick to our simple rules.

Black tie

Many dress codes are more simple for men to follow than women; black tie dress codes for instance always indicate that a man should wear a tuxedo.

They’re a little less black and white for women, with anything from a full on princess gown to a formal cocktail dress appropriate. It’s less clear cut, but that means that there’s also more freedom in it; as long as you’re wearing something glamorous and formal, it’s probably suitable.

Black tie optional

One of the hardest dress codes to pin down, optional black tie means that men have the option of choosing a smart, dark suit instead of a tuxedo should they wish; for women the same rules apply as for black tie, but erring on the less formal side.


A less formal dress code than black tie, cocktail attire for men consists of a dark suit and a tie. For women, it’s a cocktail dress of some kind; full length dresses are probably a bit too full-on, but a summer dress would be too informal.

If in doubt, a little black dress with some sparkly jewellery and high heels will almost always work at this type of function.


A dress code to strike fear into the hearts of many, when this dress code pops up around Christmas and the New Year, you should opt for cocktail wear but with a festive twist – perhaps a novelty bow tie for a man or a sparklier dress than usual if you’re female.

Business formal

Often seen on invitations to corporate events held in the daytime such as conferences and seminars, this can loosely be interpreted as ‘the sort of outfit you would wear to an interview.’ A smart business suit for gentlemen and a tailored skirt with a blouse or a suit for women is appropriate.

Business casual

More relaxed businesses holding daytime events will often ask for you to dress to a business casual dress code. This is a slightly relaxed version of business formal; jeans and trainers are still not suitable, but more relaxed, patterned outfits are suitable for women, while men can ditch the suit and opt for trousers and a collared shirt of some kind.

Organising events

Pulling together the different elements to ensure that an event goes off without a hitch is a real talent. If you’re in the process of organising an event, MN2S talent agency London might be able to take some of the stress off your plate by organising a fabulous celebrity speaker or other entertainment for the event. Get in touch with them today to find out more.

How Compatible Are Beyoncé and Jay Z?


If Beyoncé’s musical catalogue is anything to go by, it appears that she is a great believer in the zodiac. During a song entitled ‘Signs’, which features on her debut album Dangerously In Love, she lists all of the astrological signs and states that she is “in love with a Sagittarius” and wishes that “he were a Virgo the same sign as me”. Of course, the Sagittarius she is singing about is Jay Z, who was born on December 4,1969.

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Where is Patsy Kensit Now?

Patsy Kensit first graced our TV screen as a child star at the early age of 4 in an advert for Bird’s Eye frozen peas. Her career as a British actress, singer and model has kept her in the public eye through the years as have her relationships. Now at 48 years old, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed celebrity still has the wow factor as her career goes from strength to strength.


Childhood Fame…
At the tender age of six years old, Patsy played a part alongside Mia Farrow in The Great Gatsby. Her childhood career continued as she starred in children’s TV programmes such as Luna, The Adventures of Pollyanna and Estella which was the BBC adaptation of Great Expectations. In 1985, when Patsy was 17 years old, she stated, “All I want is to be more famous than anything or anyone.” At the time she was acting alongside Ben Kingsley in Silas Marner, also busy playing a double life with success in her singing career.

An Eighth Wonder…
At the age of 14, Patsy was auditioned by her brother Jamie to be the lead singer in the British pop band Spice. The band were together from 1983 to 1989 but in 1984 percussionist Nigel Davis left and keyboard player Alex Godson joined. At this point the band was renamed Eighth Wonder and had success with several UK hits, but was especially popular in Japan and Italy. Patsy’s career moved back to the screen in 2004 when she played Sadie King in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale. The role finished in 2006 and she moved on to BBC1’s hospital drama Holby City in 2007, in which she played a key part for three years. She has also starred in several successful films such as For the love of Ada and Lethal Weapon 2 alongside Australian-born actor Mel Gibson.

“Blackjack never sounded so good”
More recently, Patsy’s distinctive trademark voice can be heard on her own radio show with Mellow Magic at midday during the week. She is also the brand ambassador and voice of 32Red UK, an online casino site where you can hear her softly spoken English tones at the blackjack table or calling out your numbers from one of 32Red’s selection of roulette games. Whilst other online sites such as Gala Casino and 888Casino also work with VIPs, Patsy, with her distinctive voice, is one of the best-known British celebrities to partner with an online casino.

And that’s not all. News have confirmed this summer that Patsy will back on our TV screens playing a lead role in new ITV drama Tina and Bobby as Betty, Tina’s mother. She continues to write her regular column for Natural Magazine, giving her guidance on subjects in health, fitness, lifestyle and family. Her work fits in around family life with her two sons James and Lennon.


Patsy’s Love Life…

Patsy has been married 4 times and stated after her last marriage split that she would never marry again. Her first marriage was to Dan Donovan from Big Audio Dynamite in 1988. In 1992 she got married to Simple Minds lead singer Jim Kerr and they had a son called James. Her second son, Lennon Gallagher, was born in September 1999 during her marriage to Oasis star Liam Gallagher, and named after John Lennon. Her fourth marriage was to DJ Jeremy Healy in April 2009, but it was reported in February 2010 that the couple had split.

When columnist and blogger Perez Hilton asked Patsy if she would ever walk down the aisle again, she responded: “I don’t think I will ever get married again – I think I’ve ruined the sanctity of it.” She describes herself as a ‘hopeless romantic’ and despite her failed marriages, has been romantically linked over the years with prominent stars such as Spandau Ballet guitarist Gary Kemp, comedian David Walliams, actor Leo Gregory, actor and model Callum Best and guitarist Eric Clapton.

Patsy is still seen as a female British icon and her beauty has not diminished over the years. Her voice is recognised as notorious for perfect English, softly spoken and gentle in delivery and her successful career as an actress continues to take her back and forth from the big screen to the UK’s best-known soap operas.

Punk Rave: Your Brand For A More Mature Punk Look


Punk and gothic—these are two fashion styles that go against the laws of the trendy look. In fact, it is considered to be the rebellious brand of fashion. Because of this, many women shy away from wearing punk-related accessories and clothes for the fear that they will be called weirdos or outcasts.

If you have gone through the punk phase when you were a teenager but you still have that punk goddess spirit inside of you, you will surely be afraid to unleash it when you enter your 30’s or 40’s. For your information, there is no sense in stopping yourself from showing people who you really are. Lucky for you, fashion can help you do that. If you wish to let your inner goth show through (but in a much mature manner), here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Go all-black.
Of course, black is the gothic’s favorite color so it just makes sense to wear black if you want to pull off this look. To make the outfit look more dramatic, do not stick to just one piece of black clothing—go all out! Wear an all-black outfit but be careful in choosing the clothes that you will wear as there is a high tendency that you will overdo the entire look. To avoid that from happening, try to wear a black top and pair it with black pencil skirt. This ensemble will make you look punk but the feminine touch of the sexy cut of the skirt will balance it out. If you plan on going to a date, you can try wearing pointed black pumps. If you are going to work or to the bar, do not be afraid to pair it with black ankle boots.

• Pair it with prints.

Sometimes, wearing an all black outfit can be an overkill. For those days when you wish to tame down your punk look, you can try pairing a black piece of clothing with printed tops like florals. Just make sure that the background of the prints is the color black to make the look more cohesive.

• Add some color.
If you wish to make your punk-inspired clothes look more wearable, you can soften your look by adding some color into it. If you are already wearing a black jacket and black pants, try to go for a top in contrasting bright colors like blue, red, white or grey.

Today, the fashion industry is starting to embrace the gothic and punk look. Because of this, many fashion designers have started to create collections that are perfect for people who wish to still pull of the punk look but in a much more mature manner and Punk Rave is one of those labels that will provide you all the clothes that you need.


About Punk Rave
Joey is the woman behind Punk Rave of Stylewe. After graduating from KOOKJE Design Institute, she became interested about the Punk style and trend and she began DIY-ing some clothes and accessories. With the aim of getting better at designing and creating clothes, she decided to go to Korea to study about fashion design. The clothes that she creates is a combination of punk, gothic and elegant style. She is best at turning everyday clothes look more edgy and innovative.